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Swifties Think the TS7 Era Will Start This Week- Here’s Why

Taylor Swift always leaves clues for her fans when a new era is about to start. Recently, Swift has posted multiple photos on Instagram and fans think it is leading to a countdown to the TS7 era, that could be here as soon as this week!

The first picture was posted on February 23rd. Her cat, Meredith, is wrapped up in a blanket and she captioned it, “purrito.” If you look at the holes in the couch, there are eight.

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A purrito.

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The next day, Swift posted TWO photos. The first one of seven palm trees, referencing not only TS7, but maybe seven days as the last picture resembled eight. The caption also has seven trees in it.

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Fans also broke down the picture as her four country albums on the left, her two pop albums on the right, and TS7 in the middle. Could it be a different genre?

On the same day, Swift posted a picture of her sitting on stairs after the Vanity Fair Oscar party and fans noticed she is sitting on the sixth visible stair in the picture.

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Then on February 25th, Swift gave off major RED album vibes and posted a photo of her face through a fence, with the fence showing 5 visible holes.

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Let’s see if she continues the countdown with the number four.

If Swifties’ calculations are correct, there could be a new song, album, etc. here on March 2nd. That date also has a flower/palm tree symbol stamped on it on the Taylor Swift 2019 calendar.

Fans have also noticed that the Taylor spray painting the plane in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video has a sort of palm tree outfit on, fitting in with the theme. Coincidence? Knowing Swift, it probably has been planned all along.

That theory goes along with another one that this upcoming album was supposed to be TS6 but because of everything that happened in her life at that time, she decided to make reputation instead and that is why that Taylor is in the background of the video.


While this may not be a countdown, it may be clues to her new album, era, and life. The colors in the photos are pastels and bright colors, unlike her most recent album, reputation. This could be clues that she has let that go and is happy.

Another reason why fans think the palm trees are a clue is because Swift has been no stranger to palm trees in the past. She posted on her Instagram, before the blackout, pictures of her on vacation with palm trees behind her.

Back in the reputation era, Swift posed for a photo with an army jacket that has several patches on it, one of which were a couple of palm trees.

Another patch that sparked fans’ interests was a mermaid patch. Swift dressed up like Ariel for her New Year’s party and had a mermaid shirt on at the end credits on her Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix. Could mermaids be a clue to her next album?

Other fans think that March 2nd is incorrect and that certain dates stamped on the Taylor Swift 2019 calendar will be special release days- April, May, July, August. and December 13th.

We are getting total summer, beachy, happy vibes from this upcoming era, where she will be “drinking on the beach.”

What do you think? Are these theories way too far fetched? Are we getting new music this week? Let us know on Twitter at @CelebMix.

Written by Brittany Sims

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