SXSW and Amazon to bring virtual festival to fans

SXSW, the annual tech, music, and film festival, will be brought to US audiences virtually through Amazon’s video streaming service Prime Video.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler cancelled the event just a week before it was scheduled to take place due to growing public health concerns.

The e-commerce giant has confirmed that they will be working in partnership with festival organisers, to offer a virtual showcase free of charge to US audiences via their subscription service, Prime Video.

Amazon has confirmed that only the use of a free Amazon account will be required to access the SXSW film collection, and not a Prime Video subscription.

Amazon has given filmmakers the option to either green light their films or withdraw them. Filmmakers who agree to take part will receive a screening fee, and those looking for distribution will still have that option, as Amazon will not be acquiring any rights for the movies that they stream.

Written by Alister

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