Jackson and Alex.

Tonight’s Big Brother sees 2 ‘Others’ swap houses with 2 housemates!

Tonight’s Big Brother seen two housemates get ‘evicted’ from the main house and thrown straight into the ‘Others’ house.

But who was evicted? During the show, the ‘Others’ revealed that they had chosen to evict Jackson and Alex, thinking that they would be out of the show completely.

But, unaware about what was happening, Alex and Jackson entered the second house where they were told that in order to have housemate status again, they must continue to attack the main house with the rest of the ‘others’.

Meanwhile, the public played a big part in tonight’s show. They had to vote for two of the ‘others’ to take Alex and Jackson’s place in the main house.

They voted for Ryan and Andrew to enter the main house, meaning Ryan would come face-to-face with his ex Sam.

Host Emma Willis told Andrew and Ryan before they went in that they must have their “game faces on” and act like brand new housemates.

However, the secret house may not be a secret anymore as towards the end of the show Andrew seemed to have told the housemates that he had been watching them.

Has the game been ruined? Make sure you watch tomorrow nights show to find out and watch the fallout between Ryan and Sam!

Written by CelebMix