Talent, Tenacity and Diversity: What Celebrity Vocal Coach CeCe Sammy Saw At The Brit Awards 2019

Celebrity vocal coach CeCe Sammy attended the Brits this year.
She is known for her appearances and work on shows such as the X Factor, The Voice UK and American Idol. CeCe is a former judge of Eurovision: You Decide

She got to see all the wins and performances from the evening and she shared her thoughts with on the more technical aspects of some of the performances.”

“The BRIT Awards 2019 was phenomenal on every level – vocally, and performance wise.

As a vocal coach I can be very critical at times, but first and foremost, I was pleased to hear the artists singing live, and performing with an incredible energy which created a sense of togetherness in the room.

Living up to the outstanding contribution award she received on the night, Pink was captivating from the moment she walked onto the stage. She controlled her vocal in the verses, working her mid-range as well as hitting those high notes, and excelling at points when people would normally ‘crack’. Whilst showing control on her voice, she simultaneously let her vocal soar. Many less seasoned artists leave us in a state of worry as we listen – will they hit the note or not – but being the experienced professional she is, Pink made it all seem effortless, working the crowd and the cameras to involve every single person in the performance.

I love how The 1975 have developed as artists – they know their sound and their brand perfectly, and during their performance I felt like I was in their world. The musicianship and the movement tied together so nicely to create a truly well-rounded performance that any developing artist should draw upon for inspiration. After Pink, they were the best performers on the night both vocally and visually. Whether you like them or not, their immersive power is what makes them a cut above the rest.

Although I love her as an artist, Jorja Smith’s vocal was not my favourite. While the song itself is fantastic, I would have liked her vocal to be more open – as a listener, you lost the understanding of certain words. Don’t get me wrong – her vocal range is beautiful and she softens the voice as well as letting it move into the higher sections, but I think she needs to improve her live vocal technique, as recording in the studio is a very different experience. If I coached Jorja, I would keep her unique sound but also teach her how to open certain words. However, it must be said that she has a great voice for someone so young, and that as she develops and gains more experience, paying attention to her breathing, she will only get better.

Putting the performances to one side, it must be said that whilst diversity within our industry is definitely improving, we have some way to go before we can claim that a seismic shift has been achieved. I’m proud to be part of the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), which overhauled the voting panel back in 2016 following the infamous #BritsSoWhite hashtag. We know real change takes time, and we must continue to strive to eliminate inequalities within the music industry.”

CeCe’s debut educational book ‘If You Can Speak, You Can Sing’, is available now on Amazon.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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