Tally Spear explores the confusion and conflict of falling in love in her latest single “alone again”

London-based alt/pop rock artist Tally Spear is back with her latest single, “alone again“, showcasing her commanding vocals, captivating hooks and relatable lyrics all wrapped within this 2-minute and 49-second gem.

Tally’s ability to capture the confusion and conflict of falling in love and dating shines through in the vulnerable yet strong lyrics, especially in the line “I’m so alone, I like it that way.” The punk-infused chorus of ‘alone again’ is emotionally charged and a driving force throughout the song, while the dark and eerie electronic verses create a compelling contrast.

With “alone again”, Tally proves that her talents extend through her own unique sound that combines punk attitude with pop sensibilities. Recorded across Los Angeles and London – with renowned producers like Mark Jackson and Ian Scott – “alone again” is a solid addition to Tally’s arsenal of songs, and showcases Tally Spear’s growth and evolution as an artist.

Tally’s latest single is now out on all major streaming platforms. Enjoy.

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