Promotional photo for "Open Wide" which sees Tatiana DeMaria sitting on some concrete steps with her dark hair ruffled, which flows over her salmon and green shirt which is unbuttoned over a black tank top. She pairs all that with faded-black ripped jeans. She has her left elbow on her left leg and she's resting her head slightly on her left hand, whilst the right arm is just resting on her right leg.

Tatiana DeMaria drops her awesome twisty alternative pop single titled “Open Wide”

Defying pop as we know it, Tatiana DeMaria showcases her brilliant artistry with her brand-new single “Open Wide”. The track is plunged into deep alternative pop with a subtle mainstream capability and hints of rock, hip-hop, and industrial. This acts as her follow-up to her EP titled “Acoustic Sessions: One”.

Tatiana DeMaria, a talented British songwriter, singer, and producer, has carved her own path in the music industry. Starting her career as the frontwoman of the rock band TAT, she quickly gained a dedicated fan base, with millions of streams to their name, showcasing her knack for crafting infectious tunes. With a versatile musical background that includes producing underground UK hip-hop, Tatiana DeMaria seamlessly blends elements of alternative pop, R&B, and hip-hop into a captivating and unique sound. Her solo journey began in mid-2018, and despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Tatiana remained busy by writing and producing movie soundtracks. With her new sound fully developed, she is ready to unveil her upcoming EP, accompanied by a collection of captivating videos and fresh music. Tatiana’s lyrics paint vivid pictures, drawing listeners in with her catchy melodies and raw, heartfelt honesty. Her music has been featured in movies, global advertising campaigns, and popular TV shows, solidifying her status as a versatile and talented artist. Currently collaborating with notable producers such as LEFTI and Grammy award-winner Che Pope, Tatiana DeMaria is poised to make her mark on the music industry.

Written by Tatiana DeMaria, “Open Wide” is an alternative-pop song with a variety of different genres sprinkled in to create an undefined energetic vibe that we really can’t get enough of, which surrounds her stunning vocals that unleash genuine emotion straight to the listeners. She delves into conceptualised lyrics, that not only showcases her songwriting skills but her ability to tell a varied storyline about life’s struggles. Throughout she touches upon relatable experiences and her awesome chorus spreads inspiration and confidence to her listeners giving us all the opportunity to throw our own heads back, open wide and sing, “La, la, la, la, la, la, la”. The upbeat production with clashing styles that actually work brilliantly together, allows the track to sound just as conceptualised as the lyrics do. Strong and powerful, “Open Wide” by Tatiana DeMaria is one for all our playlists.

Talking about the track, Tatiana DeMaria said: “I wrote this song long before the pandemic, but it has taken me this effing long to get the sound right, and I’m stoked to share it now. With that said the sentiment of the song has only become more poignant. The song itself is about the paradox of escapism; the contradiction that arises when we seek to escape from our problems or reality, but in doing so, we often end up feeling more trapped, disconnected, or unfulfilled.”

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“Open Wide”, by Tatiana DeMaria, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. She is set to tour throughout the year and has so far announced a show at Mercury Lounge, New York City, on May 30, 2023. Tickets are available to buy right now, check out the official Mercury East Presents website for more details about the event.

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