Tay Jardine debuts SAINTE single ‘Technicolour’

In the eight months since We Are The In Crowd announced their break we’ve had radio silence from all sides. Now, with the glory of Weird Kids fading from our radar, a few of the old gang are back with a revamped image.

SAINTE is vocalist Tay Jardine’s new project, backed by We Are The In Crowd band mates Mike Ferri and Cameron Hurley. SAINTE has upped the stakes for Jardine, introducing a new, refined production style to her discography.

‘Technicolour’ is the project’s debut single, and it’s as wonderfully vibrant as the name suggests.

Speaking of the track, Jardine says “I think ‘Technicolour’ is a really good representation of our sound. When writing these songs, the vibe was different than what we were used to immediately and we continued to move forward in that way.”

The single came alongside a predictably colourful video directed by Raul Gonzo.

“I’ve never had that much fun shooting a video” she continues, “I mean, how could you not have fun attempting to ride a bike on a treadmill while trying to focus on remembering the lyrics to a new song?!”

It just feels so good to be doing something that is such a genuine representation of who I am and what I want to do as an artist – I want everyone to feel like they’re a part of it.”

Can’t wait to hear what this new project sounds like? Wait no more! You can watch the long-awaited video below.

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Written by Faith Ridler

Faith Ridler is a UK based student, music journalist, and twenty one pilots aficionado. Follow her on Twitter @FaithLRidler!