Taylor Jones and Markus Cole collaborate on new track 'Scream The House Down' 1

Taylor Jones and Markus Cole collaborate on new track ‘Scream The House Down’

Get ready to turn up the music and scream the house down!

Taylor Jones and Markus Cole have teamed up to release what is easily one of our favourite songs this year. The talented singer-songwriter and acclaimed Canadian producer premiered their latest offering ‘Scream The House Down’ last week and since then, it’s had people talking for all of the right reasons.

‘Scream The House Down’ is an incredible combination of pop and dubstep music. By fusing together the two genres, Markus and Taylor have created a musical masterpiece. The song’s lustful lyrics reinforce that desires don’t always need to be hidden.

Sharing the track on Facebook, Markus Cole said: “Proud to release my new collaboration with the talented Taylor Jones. Out now for free download! Thanks for the all the on going support family, hope you all enjoy this one.

Taylor Jones added: “I have a brand new song out with my bro Markus Cole. He’s done a remix of one of my pop tracks called ‘Scream The House Down’ so it’s like a dubstep/pop kind of vibe. I hope you like it. New music coming soon.

For a limited time only, ‘Scream The House Down’ is available as a free download here online. The track will then be uploaded to both iTunes and Spotify later this month.

Prior to this, Taylor Jones released an awesome mash-up of ‘Pillowtalk’ by Zayn and ‘What Do You Mean?’ by Justin Bieber –  you can listen to that remix here. We’d definitely recommend Taylor’s original singles ‘Emergency‘ and ‘Young Forever‘ too.

Like Taylor, Markus has also re-worked hits by big names such as: Beyoncé, Coldplay and The Weeknd. You can listen to more of his electronic excellence here on Soundcloud.


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Written by Mark Willis

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