Taylor Jones image from "Summer Magic" video

Taylor Jones Has Dropped A Brand New Music Video Titled “Summer Magic”

We have a very summery music video from Taylor Jones, that was dropped this week, titled “Summer Magic”. He also confirmed on Twitter that the song will be officially released sometime in the near future. This is his first music video since 2015’s “Young Forever”. His most recent release was a collaboration with Justin Prime and Dyson, titled “Can’t Stop It“.

Taylor Jones is a rising star who we’ve been following since 2012 when he dropped his debut single “Rock This Party”. As time has gone by he’s collaborated with the likes of Lasgo (on a new version of their hit song “Something”), Mastiksoul, and Markus Soul. He’s dipped in and out of releasing his own music, lately, as he is the founder and CEO of Hello Management, but he did drop two exciting solo singles, 2017’s “Good Sex” and 2018’s “Body Talk”, and now we’ve got “Summer Magic” – when it’s released officially, for now, we’ll just watch this music video on repeat.

According to the description of the video, Taylor Jones claims that he recorded this song in Korea, originally for a K-Pop artist, alongside Alawn. He goes on to say: “The song is about ending a ‘fling’ at the very end of summer, which is why I’m releasing it now. After all, summer is basically already over!” The video has been directed, shot, and edited by Mark Potter, whilst his love interest is played by model Tea Jo.

The video starts off with Taylor Jones sitting at a desk in an office – this is how we imagine his daily life is like as the founder and CEO of Hello Management – he also has his phone in hand, linking to the opening lyrics “You still text me every night”. He soon stops by in his Mercedes-Benz car and picks up his love interest – Tea Jo. Scenes are next intercut throughout, from walking down the street to being beside a pool – well Tea Jo is actually in the pool; alongside these scenes, we fully see Taylor Jones’ performance energy, and he is as electric as ever – it’s clear he loved every minute of making this music video and it’s great to see him lively and loving life. They soon hit the beach together – maybe that’s where they were headed when they were in the car. It’s a brilliant music video that relates to the song perfectly, and we’re so glad that Taylor Jones has released this.

Watch Taylor Jones’ Music Video For “Summer Magic” Here:

We don’t know when “Summer Magic” will be officially released, but we do know that we will be adding it to our playlists and listening to the song or repeat, for days – well we already are doing just that as we keep pressing that replay button on YouTube.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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