Taylor Lautner ‘Run the Tide’ Movie Trailer Released

Run the Tide: When their drug abusing mother is released from prison determined to rebuild their family, Rey kidnaps his younger brother Oliver and escapes their desert home for the California coast.

Taylor Lautner 'Run the Tide' Movie Trailer Released 2
Taylor Lautner has kept his profile rather low over the past months, recently making an appearance in the comedy-thriller, Scream Queens as Dr Cassidy Cascade. Whilst we are absolutely loving his comedic side, we are very much looking forward to the mature and serious lead role Taylor has taken up this year for his brand new movie ‘Run the Tide’, similar to his roles in Abduction and Tracers.

Taylor will be playing Reymund Hightower, a young man who dedicated his whole life to raising his younger brother (Nicos Christou) after his mother, Lola (Constance Zimmer) is sent to prison for drug charges. After six years, Lola is released from prison and sets on rebuilding her family and taking Oliver back, whether Rey likes it or not. With raising Oliver for six long years, Rey won’t go down without a fight and ignores everybody who believes his mother is a better woman now, determined to remain Oliver’s primary role model. Rey takes his brother on a trek to the California coast, with Lola and her ex-husband in pursuit.

In the trailer, Oliver seems to not be all in with this road trip and only wants to be with his mom. Rey tries to explain to him that she isn’t somebody he should be around, leading in an argument and Oliver throwing things. Lola tells her ex-husband that she believes with Oliver, they can create the perfect life together, in which her ex replies with “What about Rey? You ever think about him?”. Lola and Rey obviously don’t have the relationship a mother and son should have. It seems that Rey may not have had the greatest upbringing and all he wants to do is give Oliver the life that he never got growing up with Lola by himself. At the end of the trailer is what looks like a heartbroken Rey saying goodbye to Oliver as Taylor’s voice in the background says, “Promise me, you won’t forget”, which could possibly mean Oliver has chosen a life with his mother instead.

This movie definitely looks like a tear jerker that will be tugging at our heart strings in each and every way possible. We can’t wait for Taylor to be back with what looks like an amazing film, while still having a good laugh at him in Scream Queens! What do you guys think of ‘Run the Tide? Tweet us and let us know at @CelebMix.

‘Run the Tide’ will be released December 2nd.

Watch the trailer for yourself here:

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