This Taylor Swift/ Ed Sheeran mashup will make your day!

Taylor Swift’s Clean tells us a story about a girl who finally accepts the end of her relationship and tries to come out clean starting her life all over again and Ed Sheeran’s Photograph takes us down a memory lane through a photograph telling us the importance of love and relationship. Both songs, lyrically and sonically are poles apart. What happens when both the songs are brought together? Nashville singer/songwriter, Louisa Wenderoff and Who Is Fancy came together to form a beautiful mashup of Clean and Photograph.

Louisa Wenderroff garnered attention when she released a mashup of Blank Space/ Style  which was co-signed by Taylor Swift herself.

Maintaining the theme of memory, Wenderoff and Who Is Fancy narrates the story of a lover who moves on after a failed relationship but at the same time, talks about the importance of love and looks back at memories the lover shared with his/her beloved. Check out the beautiful mashup below:

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Written by Ayushi

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