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Taylor Swift Releases Lyric Video For “Call It What You Want”

In the weeks before her latest album is set to be released, Taylor Swift has been dropping chart topping hit after chart topping hit but her newest release might just be our favourite one yet. With just six (!) days to go until her album comes out, the singer has unveiled her brand new track, “Call It What You Want,” with the cutest lyric video ever.

In, “Call It What You Want,” the Grammy award winning songstress seems to address her year-long hiatus and her relationship with her current beau, Joe Alwyn. The song begins, “My castle crumbled overnight. I bought a knife to a gun fight… They took the crown but it’s alright,” which must reference the struggles and backlash the singer faced during her previous break from music.

Nobody’s heard from me for months. I’m doing better than I ever was,” Taylor goes on to sing in the strong yet beautiful voice we have all grown to love over the years.

She then seems to suggest that part of the reason why she is back and better than she’s ever been is because of the new love in her life. Although Taylor doesn’t actually mention his name on the track, we think the lyrics, “My baby’s fit like a daydream,” and, “My baby’s fly like a jet stream… Loves me like I’m brand new,” speak volumes.

In conclusion, “Call It What You Want,” appears to be aimed at all of Taylor’s haters and doubters. She is saying that they can hate and judge her all they want and that they can look at her life and call it what they want, but at the end of it all she is living her best life right now. She is happier and stronger than she has ever been and that is the only thing that matters.

Well, we’re all for it. So without further ado, check out the full lyric video for, “Call It What You Want,” right here:

We love this new Taylor Swift and we can’t wait to see what other incredible songs have made it onto her upcoming album, “Reputation,” which will hit shelves on 10th November.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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