Taylor Swift on SNL (2017)

Taylor Swift Stuns As The Musical Guest On Saturday Night Live

We were super excited when we found out that Taylor Swift was going to be the musical guest on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. In fact, we were so super excited that we pressed replay on our copy of her brand new album, “Reputation,” for what had got to be the hundredth time since it had been released.

We cranked the volume on it up to as loud as it would possibly go and we danced, sang and cried like no one was watching to the singer’s newest release, and we only stopped freaking out over the total masterpiece that it truly is when Saturday Night Live started.

And then we saw her. Taylor Swift stood on the Saturday Night Live stage and prepared to blow our minds with a smartly choreographed performance of, “…Ready For It?” and we’re pretty sure the earth stood still for a few minutes.

We had loved the song ever since we first heard it, but seeing it performed live made us love it even more. Taylor’s vocals were pitch perfect and her dance moves left us totally shook.

It may have been a far cry from the singer who last graced the Saturday Night Live stage eight years ago but we loved it and if this performance of, “…Ready For It?” was anything to go by then the new, “Reputation,” era is going to be even greater than we first thought.


But one song wasn’t enough. Just after we had managed to recover from her first song, Taylor came back onto the Saturday Night Live stage and crooned a beautifully stripped down version of, “Call It What You Want,” which honestly made us lose any shred of chill we had left.

Taylor played the guitar as she sang, being backed by a cello and vocalists too. It was a big contrast to her previous performance but it was still perfect. It showcased her vocal ability and the talent she has for bringing a story originally scribbled on paper to life right in front of our eyes. It made all our hairs stand up and it reaffirmed the love that we have for the incredible musician that she is.


Well, there you have it. Queen Taylor Swift is back… And she isn’t holding anything back.

If you haven’t bought a copy Taylor’s new album, “Reputation,” yet then you really should! It’s available on iTunes right now and you can get it by clicking here.

Which of Taylor Swift’s performances on Saturday Night Live did you enjoy the most? Or like us, can you not choose between them? Let us know on Twitter at, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

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