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Taylor Swift Performs Acoustic Tiny Desk Concert For NPR

Taylor Swift stripped down some of her greatest hits, both from her albums Lover and Red, for an intimate Tiny Desk performance with NPR.

Only accompanied by a piano and her guitar, Swift filled the room with over 300 people who were able to enjoy the special and exclusive performance. The ‘Lover’ singer wanted to take the opportunity to allow fans to hear what her songs sounded like when she originally wrote them. This, of course, meant without the production and additional instruments added in the studio. The experience mentally transported Swift back to when she first wrote the songs and got the ideas for some of their concepts. She even added that sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night and go straight to the piano with an idea.

The performance started off with Swift in a plaid suit performing “The Man” off of her most recent album, Lover. In total, the very exclusive tiny desk concert featured four tracks: “The Man,” “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” “Lover,” and “All Too Well.” It has been quite some time since Swift has been able to perform for an intimate crowd while it also broadcasted due to her intense popularity. However, the singer says she wants her next tour to be intimate and feel like a more personal experience.

During the mini concert, Swift took the time to open up to the crowd about the meanings and messages behind some of her singles as well. She mentioned, for instance, that “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” is a bit of a jab at journalists who repeatedly would ask her what she would write songs about if she ever were to become “happy.”

Although the set only consisted of four songs, it lasts about 30 minutes and provides fans with more information on Lover coming directly from Taylor Swift. She was effortlessly able to connect both with fans who were watching at home and present in the room for her performance. This experience allowed Swifties to connect with her on a more personal level and understand more about the songwriting process that goes into her creating a new album.

Swift’s personality and undeniable talent made her Tiny Desk performance beyond memorable. She knew exactly how to give fans what they wanted, including that fan-favorite throwback, while also adding in even more. It’s rare that someone of her status and chaotic schedule would be interested in doing a small performance, but the ‘ME’ singer showed yet again that it’s all about the fans.

Watch Taylor Swift’s full Tiny Desk performance here.

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