Taylor Swift praises Troye Sivan’s WILD

Troye Sivan, the child actor turned YouTuber turned musical sensation, has received high praise from Taylor Swift on Twitter in regards to his latest music.

WILD is Sivan’s fourth EP and was released worldwide on September 4th. He described it as a “keyhole” into the music he will be releasing later this year. There are 6 tracks on the EP: WILD, BITE, FOOLS, EASE, THE QUIET and DKLA. They will be accompanied by 3 music videos on Troye’s YouTube channel, which follow two childhood friends who become romantically involved.

Taylor Swift took to Twitter this morning to praise Troye for WILD, tweeting out how it was “stunning and awesome”, and #EPGoals. Troye proceeded to freak out (wouldn’t we all?) and thank Taylor for her praise, reminding her how 1989 is definitely #AlbumGoals. 2 hours later, Miss Swift tweeted a picture of the albums chart, with WILD at #4 and 1989 at #5.

You can purchase the WILD EP from iTunes and catch up with Troye on all social medias under “troyesivan”.

Written by CelebMix