Taylor Swift Releases New Single, “You Need To Calm Down” and Announces Album

That’s right Swifties! Taylor Swift just released her new political single, “You Need to Calm Down” and fans are loving it.

“You Need to Calm Down,” the second single off of her upcoming album, sounds like nothing Swift has ever put out before. It mixes 70s synth with today’s pop.

The lyrics video is very animated and has a lot of nods to politics and Swift’s views. When she sings, “Why are you mad? When you could be GLAAD?” There are two A’s in GLAAD to support the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Also, each time there is an EA in the video next to each other it’s a different color from the rest to support the Equality Act.

She addresses the hate on the internet and in the world with the lyrics “Shade never made anybody less gay.” It’s basically an anti-hate anthem and it’s perfect for this time.

The song beat out the long-running “Old Town Road” and is number 1 on iTunes. The music video will premiere on Good Morning America on Monday, June 17th.

The cover art has fans really excited about the video. It appears her tattoo is a snake with no head bursting into a bunch of butterflies, like the beginning of the “ME!” video. There is also a fence, which is a running joke in the fandom about there being five holes in the fence in one of Swift’s Instagram pictures.

Along with releasing the album, Swift went live on Instagram and announced the album name, release date, and many other things that will be happening soon.

Her seventh studio album, “Lover” will be available on August 23rd (8/23, 8+2+3=13) and will feature 4 deluxe editions, each with two studio recordings of songs on the album and other unique content.

It will have 18 tracks, more songs than any of her previous albums and if they are anything like the last two songs, Swift will for sure break records. She also revealed the cover on the livestream – she’s standing in front of clouds with a heart around her eye.

“You Need to Calm Down” is now available on all streaming services, so go listen!

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Written by Brittany Sims

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