Taylor Swift shares another Grammy Museum performance!

A few months back, Taylor Swift shared a slowed down, piano version of her new single Out of the Woods performed live and recorded at her performance at The Grammy Museum on September 30th. A few days ago, she posted another one; Wildest Dreams played on the electric guitar. Well now she’s released another; her smash hit Blank Space played on acoustic guitar!

The Blank Space Acoustic was paired with a short, verbal introduction that shows Taylor is still as hilariously self aware and self-critiquing as we knew her to be, the new version of Blank Space sounds like the version of Blank Space she would have recorded back in the Red Era, or the Speak Now Era (had her lyricism took such a hard hitting “I don’t care what you say anymore” approach in those era’s as it does now).

“In the last couple of years the media have had a really wonderful fixation on, kind of painting me as this psycho, serial dater girl….it’s been awesome. I loved it!” Swift deadpanned.

Every article was like “Taylor Swift. Standing near some guy. Watch out guy!”. Every single article was kind of like…had these descriptions of my personality that were very different from my actual personality and my first reaction was to be like “man, that’s a bummer. This isn’t fun for me”” she said, introducing the song by describing what inspired the writing process.

“But my second reaction ended up being like…hey that’s actually kind of a really interesting character they’re writing about, like; she jet sets around the world collecting men and then…and she can get any of them but then she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries and…and then she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls……and I was like yeah, I can use this!”

So that’s what she did; Taylor adopted that character, wrote a song about that character with Max Martin and Johan Shellback, and it became a smash hit single world wide, and was met with critical acclaim.


The whole thing has a little bit of a country twang to it, and in the same way that her Wildest Dreams live remix sounded a little bit like one of her earlier songs Ronan, this version of Blank Space sounds a little bit similar to one of her songs from “Fearless” called Fifteen, especially the live versions.

The performance ended with thunderous applause from the audience, and probably most of her fans watching from behind their computer screens!

This is the third of seven songs Taylor Performed (and possibly remixed!) at the Grammy Museum, the others being the already released Out of the Woods and Wildest Dreams, and the yet to be heard Shake It Off, Clean, How You Get The Girl, and All You Had To Do Was Stay.

Both Blank Space and 1989 are nominated for Grammy’s at this years ceremony.

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Written by CelebMix