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Taylor Swift Unveils Full Track List For ‘Midnights’ Album

Taylor Swift is tempting Swifties to have “just 13 more sleepless nights” until “Midnights” finally strikes! Taking to her Instagram page, the 32-year-old Grammy-winning singer treated her 226 million followers (and counting!) to unveiling the full tracklist from her upcoming 10th studio album Midnights. During her Video of the Year winning speech for “All-To-Well: A Short Film,” she announced “Midnights” at the MTV VMAs 2022.

Midnights Full Track List:

  1. Lavender Haze
  2. Maroon
  3. Anti-Hero
  4. Snow on the Beach ft. Lana Del Rey
  5. You’re On Your Own, Kid
  6. Midnight Rain
  7. Question…?
  8. Vigilante Shit
  9. Bejeweled
  10. Labyrinth
  11. Karma
  12. Sweet Nothing
  13. Mastermind

“Midnights” is going to drop on October 21st. From September 21 to today, i.e. October 7, the full track list of Taylor Swift’s much-awaited tenth studio album was unveiled on Taylor Swift’s TikTok series titled Midnight’s Mayhems With Me. Her Instagram caption reads, “What keeps you up at night? Only 13 more sleepless nights before Midnights.

Midnights’ aesthetic album artwork features a smoky-eyed, bob-cut Taylor Swift watching a fire ignited by a pocket lighter. While introducing “Midnights” in an IG post, back on August 29, Taylor wrote in her caption, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight.”

Taylor Swift took Instagram to reveal the inspiration behind track 1 and 3.

Lavender Haze

Credit to her six+ year relationship with boyfriends Joe Alwyn and Jon Hamm starring Mad Men, the inspiration behind Midnight’s first track titled Lavender Haze. Lavender Haze is track 1. She picked up on the sound of Lavender Haze when she was watching Mad Men, and she looked at it because she thought it sounded cool. And it turned out it’s a common phrase used in the 50s, where they would just describe being in love, like if you were in a lavender mist, it meant you were in that all-pervasive aura of love. And she thought that was really nice.


The third track on “Midnights,” titled “Anti-Hero,” is one of Taylor Swift’s favorite songs she wrote, which the singer herself revealed in a video on IG.

She told, “Track 3 – Anti-Hero is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. I really don’t think I’ve delved this far into my (chuckles) insecurities in this detail before.” She struggles a lot with the idea that her life has grown out of order and she, does not think too dark, but she does struggle with the idea of ??just not feeling like a person. (mimics crying). “Don’t feel bad for me, you don’t have to, but, this song is really a guided tour of the things I tend to hate about myself.”

In the days ahead, Swifties can definitely expect more insightful song videos like this from Taylor Swift on social media as the countdown to “Midnights” begins soon.

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Written by Arpita Sarkar

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