Teen Wolf 6B Finale Highlights

Today marks one week of saying goodbye to Teen Wolf forever. It’s been a wonderful six years of happiness, fear, laughter and heartbreak. We’ve lost loved ones and we’ve gained new ones. The pack have fought many supernatural and non supernatural villains throughout their time in Beacon Hills and for the final episode, they came back together for one last fight before heading their separate ways.

Here’s our top highlights from the Teen Wolf Finale:

Void Stiles

Void Stiles was the most iconic Teen Wolf villain of the entire series. The fans and entire cast were completely blown away by Dylan’s first performance, that it was only right to bring him back one last time.

Stiles’ and Derek’s FBI Story (RIP Stiles’ Toe)

Stiles being Stiles, tries to convince everybody that he was the ultimate hero and saved Derek from the FBI. Although we all know Stiles is extremely capable of being bad-ass, we also know that between Derek and Stiles, it’ll always be Derek that is doing the saving. Which is exactly the REAL story, when Derek has to carry Stiles after having his toe shot.




Thiam Elevator Scene

Theo and Liam have never got along since day 1, no matter how much we wished they would! The finale showed however, a moment between Liam and Theo where they may have finally put their differences aside and embraced the bromance we all know they truly have. The elevator scene also made us scream at our screens saying “Well jeez, just kiss already!”.

Malia and Scott Kiss

The final Malia and Scott kiss foreshadows the Stiles and Lydia kiss back in season 3. When Stiles had a panic attack, Lydia kissed him in order to calm him down. In the finale, Scott makes himself blind in order to fight the final villain, however, he struggles to heal and starts to over panic himself making the process longer and possibly permanent. Lydia pushed Malia to kiss Scott in order to calm him down and allow his eyes to heal.

Morey Moment

Mason and Corey have always been such a wonderful couple on the show and this moment where they thought they was going to die proved just how in love they are.

Coach’s Return

Coach will forever be the most iconic character on Teen Wolf and his final appearance was the best out of them all! He’s never known about the supernatural world, however that doesn’t mean he’s unaware of the strange things going on in Beacon Hills and will jump in to protect his lacrosse players regardless of having no clue about what the heck is going on. Coach most definitely saved the day!

Theo Healing Gabe

Theo’s character development has to be one of the main highlights of the finale. He has gone from a heartless villain trying to wipe out Scott and his pack to being a part of the pack and even going out to help an enemy in pain. When Gabe was shot multiple times in the finale, Theo had to watch him cry out in pain and die. Theo took it upon himself to take the pain away in order to help Gabe have a more painless death. This scene really warmed up our hearts and showed us that Theo has grown in to a true hero and is now a worthy member of the pack. Cue the tears!

Liam Shuts Down Monroe

Our final highlight is when Liam completely shuts down Monroe once and for all. With all of her team wiped out and Gerard having son/daughter issues, Monroe certainly lost and it felt right that Liam was the one to finalise it. He’s proved himself and Scott, that he can one day be the alpha and have a pack of his own.

So many highlights to choose from! Did we miss any? Let us know your favourite parts of the final by tweeting us over at @CelebMix!

Written by ShelbyAmess

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