Ten of Jared Padalecki’s Best Instagram Posts

If you’re a fan of Sam Winchester, you’re probably a fan of Jared Padalecki, who plays the younger Winchester brother in The CW’s Supernatural.

Supernatural is on a break (don’t fret – it’ll be back on January 20th), making it the perfect time to refresh on Jared’s best Instagram photos. While he doesn’t post too often, his fifty-eight photos are all marvelous in their own way.

It’d be great to go over all of them, but let’s just stick to a few. Here’s ten of Jared Padalecki’s best Instagram posts in chronological order. We’re starting from the beginning, people.


Ah, the picture that started it all. Jared Padalecki opened his Instagram only five months ago, and he’s been charming the world ever since. In his first photo on the platform, he held up a sign that matches back to his #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign. To raise money for a few different organizations (such as To Write Love On Her Arms), Jared has run clothing campaigns through Represent.com. In his third and latest campaign, he sold over forty-thousand shirts. It’s incredibly awesome.


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Missed #TBT, so here's an #FBF for yall. :)

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Jared married Genevieve Cortese in 2010. In the earlier days of Supernatural, Genevieve starred on the show as Ruby, a demon who was present throughout season four. What an awesome love story. They now have two sons together, who are absolutely adorable. While Jared obviously didn’t take this photo (People magazine), it’s still a great post.


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#TBT to our rad shirts circa 2005….

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Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This photo is over ten years old, and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (his co-star on Supernatural) were only around twenty-three and twenty-seven. They sure do look young, don’t they? Over the years, their faces, features, and hair has definitely changed. It’s awesome to be able to see how they’ve grown over the years.


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Sometimes, we really need motivation on Mondays. Jared Padalecki brought it to us. About four months ago, he posted the above quote: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” While it’s not a selfie or anything, it’s obviously something Jared found important enough to share with the world. It’s entirely true too – everyone has their own battles. It works perfect for what he stands for with his #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign.


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Are yall having a great weekend?!

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You can never get enough selfies from Jared Padalecki. It’s hard not to love this one; him and his wife are both giving the camera duck faces, holding glasses and looking cute as ever. Definitely relationship goals.


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#TBT ?

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It’s hard not to smile when looking at this picture. This is from Jared and Genevieve’s wedding in 2010, and you can clearly see how happy they both look. No more words needed for this post; it’s beautiful, romantic, amd everything else that’s wonderful.


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Thank you @CreationEnt for another great #TorontoCon!

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What could be better than having Jared Padalecki blowing you a kiss thorough the interwebs? After Creation Entertainment’s “Supernatural Official Convention” in Toronto, Jared posted this photo on his Instagram. If you haven’t heard of these conventions, you definitely should check them out here. Jared Padalecki, alongside many of his co-stars from the show, all go out to these things. Currently for 2016, there will be sixteen conventions around the United States and Canada.


October 31st: the perfect day to watch Supernatural. On the special occasion, the Padaleckis all got dressed up, leading to Jared posting this photo. If you’re not sure what their costumes are, they’re all dressed up as characters from the hit movie How To Train Your Dragon. It’s really hard to not love their family.


Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have a seriously awesome bromance. The two are both wearing suits and are kneeling beside each other, two dogs in front of them and the famous Impala behind them. It’s greatness all around. Anyone else excited to see them back on The CW in a couple weeks?


Lastly, we have Jared Padalecki’s most recent post. Jared humorously thanked Whitefish, Montana for naming a ski-run after him. As you can see, the name of the ski-run is “Moose”, which is a nickname for his character in Supernatural. On his Instagram, Jared has a few posts that have to do with mooses. Gotta love Jared.

Which one of these Instagram posts is your favorite? Was there a post on Jared’s Instagram that should’ve been included? Are you excited for Supernatural‘s long awaited return? Tell us down below in the comments, or tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.