TEN releases the music video for his new single “New Heroes”

On 6th April, the second season of SM Station ended with the release of a spellbinding track by NCT’s singer TEN. In one of our feature articles, we listed down top tracks one should not miss from the first season of SM’s digital project and interestingly, TEN made his way to our list with his song “Dream in a Dream”. It shouldn’t then, be a surprise for fans to see him participate in the second season.

Unlike his previous single which showcased TEN’s talent as a dancer and a performer, his new single “New Heroes” presents his strength as a vocalist. To international fans’ relief, who have to always scrounge through the websites to find accurate translations, the singer has sung the track in English.

The song “New Heroes” is an anthem for anyone who is fighting to achieve her/his dreams. It narrates the untold stories of struggle and pain, of people who “covered in sweat and dirt”, “keep on” to fulfill their goals. Combining acoustic guitar with his soothing vocals, TEN is able to create a single that carries the hope for a better future in its tone and music. Amidst hardships, the singer has been able to create a glossy picture, which he along with others are trying to materialize into reality. In other words, the song is an ode to the real-life warriors.

In terms of picturization, the singer surpasses all definitions of “good looks”. Adopting the role of  “light”, TEN could be seen radiating hope and powerful vibes through his mere appearance. Binding him within a conventional characterization would underestimate his motive and performance.

Considering that acoustic guitar has been used to create the base of the song, it will be interesting to see the singer perform the song live. We will be waiting for such an occasion. What about you? Share your thoughts on the video via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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