Terror Jr
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Terror Jr Are Ready To Be “Loved By You” In Upcoming Release

How grape! Will Terror Jr return to their stems and release music along the lines of their debut EP “Bop City” again?

Terror Jr is already readying their latest release, just a couple of months after debuting their first full-length record, “Unfortunately, Terror Jr”.

Their latest record is said to be a “SECRET UNRELEASED TERROR JR SUMMER HIT”, according to the band themselves and has the fitting title “Loved By You”. It was first teased by the band via the following tweet in March:

Fans were quickly hyped up for the track. It sounded light, glitchy and…almost like a complete return to their Felix Snow-assisted origins. How amazing could it get?

A couple of weeks passed until the song was mentioned again. Then, during a performance given at the Paste Studio in New York, the band hinted again at the release of the track, even elaborating for the first time how the finished product will sound like. Lisa and David revealed that “Loved By You” will incorporate a much more “left-field” approach and that the track will be a change from the album.

Listen to a preview of the track, taken during one of their concerts, right here:


Just yesterday, the band then took to their social media channels in order to finally reveal the cover art for the track. The duo also promised that once the magical number of 3,333 RT’s (Twitter) / 3,333 ? in the comment section of their Instagram channel will be reached, they are going to drop the track. On Instagram, they have definitely reached that goal, so we are hoping for a release very very soon.

Check out the cover art right here:

Terror Jr Single Cover

Talking about the future, the duo further stated in the aforementioned interview that a couple more “loosies” are on their way and will likely find their way to us soon. Obviously, we are more than just a bit excited to hear this piece of information!

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