Terror Jr tweet confirmation of a new song – and it’s their best title yet

Pop music’s most mysterious duo, Terror Jr, have let the world have its first glimpse into their hotly anticipated debut album, with the first confirmed track being provocatively titled “Favourite B**ch”. It’s the first song revealed since Terror Jr’s darkly wry Christmas single “Sad Sad Girl” that dropped in December.


The tweet follows a series of cryptic and intriguing teaser tweets that have been upping the anticipation for fans about what’s going to be in store when the as-yet-unnamed album drops.






The tweets are all in the zany, tongue in cheek humour we’ve come to expect from Terror Jr, whose other song titles include “Sweatpants”, “Holding Your Tongue” and “Fight or F*ck”. Arriving in 2016, the band released their first EP Bop City completely anonymously, and hit headlines when, after using their song “3 Strikes” in her lip gloss commercial, rumours spread that Kylie Jenner was the band’s lead singer. The gossip swirling around the high profile star put Terror Jr on the pop map fast, with their experimental pop sound attracting critical acclaim.

The band followed up Bop City by making it into a trilogy, releasing Bop City 2: TerroRising and Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple in 2017. All three of these EPs are an exciting blend of Terror Jr’s futuristic, electronic taste on pop music. Read CelebMix’s review of the third Bop City here.

Despite the duo revealing their identities as former The Cataracs band member David Singer-Vine on production and vocalist Lisa Vitale, they’ve continued the mystery we expect and enjoy through their social media personas. Terror Jr’s untitled debut LP has yet to get a confirmed release date but is expected to arrive this year. It will undoubtedly be taking us all back to Bop City!

Make sure you keep updated on the @CelebMix Twitter to hear the latest on the album release date. Listen to Terror Jr’s single “Holding Your Tongue” below!




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