That’s Nice! Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Gets Over 6 Million Viewers

Mrs Brown’s Boys broadcast live for the first time ever on the BBC last night and viewing figures over night peaked at 6.8m, making it one of the most watched shows of the year.

Audience figures are expected to almost double once catch-up ratings are added to the number.

Fans of the sitcom created by Brendan O’Carroll flooded Twitter with praise for the laugh out loud live episode, where the jokes were fast, witty and hysterical.

But not only was the show laden with comedy there was also a touching moment at the end that perfectly summed up 2016 and modern life in general.

Agnes Brown gave a mic drop speech were she exclaimed: “Do you know the older I get, the more I see this world becoming disposable. Disposable nappies, disposable cell phones, disposable governments-even disposable banks. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can depend on anymore. Well let me tell you this if you ever feel lonely or a bit down, turn on the television and flick to comedy. Have yourself a good laugh. From Dad’s Army to Fawlty Towers to Only Fools and Horses. We’ll be there, you can depend on that”.

One of the best jokes from last nights episode was where Agnes and best friend Winnie were talking in the pub and Winnie turned to her old friend and explained she had finished her jigsaw which took “two months” to complete, to which Agnes asked “Isn’t that a bit long for a jigsaw?” and Winnie replied with the fantastic line “No, on the box it says 2-4 years”.

The joke was one of the many that made you belly laugh.

Mrs Brown’s Boys is a much needed dose of comedy in a world where there is rarely anything to laugh at.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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