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Thavoron Unveils Spellbinding Single/Music Video “Good”

Seattle, Washington-based singer-songwriter Thavoron introduces his new single/music video, “Good,” and announces his forthcoming LP, Tommy Loves You, slated to drop May 26 via Trailing Twelve Records.

Speaking about the song, Thavoron shares, “Growing up queer and as a person of color, I feel like I’ve always had to prove myself to some extent. I’ve never felt concrete in anything and have become accustomed to my life circling around other things or people rather than having myself be the primary focal point. I feel like [Good] exists in the realm of desperation and yearning — my own personal cry for help or plea to whatever higher power exists out there.”

He goes on, “I’ve overlooked a lot of traits in other people throughout my life and have accepted them, solely because that’s the same grace I would want other people to give me. I feel like after creating this song I was able to fully remove myself from this perspective and I learned to distinguish clear boundaries as to what I do and don’t deserve. In love, and in the way I treat myself — I’ve always been inspired by the concept of ‘good’ and bad.’ Lyrically, I mention how I’m receiving the short end of the stick in a relationship and just accepting it. In that moment, my intentions were based on the idea of being ‘good;’ even though I wasn’t being fully satisfied [the bad].”

The video, directed by Maddie Ludgate, depicts Thavoron wandering through a wasteland, seeking clarity. In this setting, Thavoron occupies dual identities, one as the rugged leather-clad rebel navigating sun-drenched terrain and the other as a linen-draped saint holding space in the solitude of twilight.

Opening with Thavoron’s beguiling, evocative voice riding over a wistful guitar, “Good” glides forth on velvety, gleaming textures, infusing the tune with roving, homeless coloration. Drenched in aching timbres, Thavoron’s vocals are at once bewitching and poignant. As the song culminates, a potent, drifting rhythm enters, intensifying the song’s longing mood.

Vibrating with cathartic energy, with “Good,” Thavoron reveals vulnerable passion, intimacy, and his desire for human connection.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.