The 5SOS Fam trends #WeLoveYouAshton to show support for Ashton Irwin

The 5SOS Fam has come together to support Ashton Irwin after a video of him telling a pap to stay away from his family surfaced. The 21 year old drummer is back in Australia for the holidays, but even though he is trying to spend time with his family, some people won’t let that happen.

In the video posted by @Tha5SOSFamily, you can see Ashton telling the pap: “Don’t come near my family, okay? Do you understand? Stay away from me and my family.” The pap replies back with: ”It’s my job, you got to respect that.” The pap goes by the name Jayden Seyfarth and according to fans, he has been stalking the guys of 5SOS for years.

There were reports that the pap also tweeted out Ashton’s mom’s address online, but the tweet has since been deleted from his Twitter account. There was also a post posted on Google Plus made by ”Ashton” that says: ”If you have my address please delete it. It’s my time to be with my family. I love you guys, but I need to be away from people for a while. Thanks to the asshole who posted my mums address threatening the lives of my family just by doing so. Really, you are one of the lowest human beings I have ever met. Hope you’re happy.” Even though the Google Plus account has over 50,000 followers, there is no proof that the account actually belongs to Ashton.

The 5SOS Fam started trending #WeLoveYouAshton after the video surfaced to show the singer some support. The fans know and understand that even though Ashton (and the rest of 5SOS) is famous, he still deserves privacy and should be able to spend time with his family in peace. The band doesn’t get to see their families very often because of their hectic schedule, so this is the time of the year where they should be left alone and should be able to spend time with them before they have to go back to work.

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Written by CelebMix