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The Apprentice Triple Firing!

Lord Sugar was on a roll in tonight’s The Apprentice, getting rid of not one but THREE candidates!

This week’s task, which saw the two teams of candidates providing handyman services, led to Connexus’ first win. Under the management of Brett Butler-Smythe, Team Connexus won by over £500 leaving members of Team Versatile at risk of being fired.

Team Versatile, led by Elle Stevenson, barely had a chance to sit down before Lord Sugar made an unsurprising firing. Elle was the first boardroom casualty, being fired almost immediately after an extremely poor performance on this task.

“Mistake on that, mistake on this, six times the loser…you know, not looking great,” Lord Sugar told Elle. “In fact, there’s no point carrying on Elle. In your day job you organise the construction of basements, well in this particular task, you’ve dug yourself a very, very big hole…you’re fired.”

With the Project Manager being fired, Lord Sugar put sub team leader Mergim Butaja in charge, who subsequently chose April Jackson and David Stevenson to join him in the final boardroom.

Despite giving a very passionate speech, Mergim was the second firing of the night. Every year there is one candidate that Lord Sugar seems to grow an attachment to, and Mergim was that person. Lord Sugar said: “It is a difficult one. Look Mergim, I’m going to say this to you: I don’t think you have the potential, at this moment in time, of being my business partner, I really don’t.”

“But carry on with your dreams OK?,” he added, before delivering the fatal line. “It is with sincere regret Mergim that…you’re fired. And, we’ll stay in touch.”

Not content with two firings, Lord Sugar also delivered a third and final blow to April. Referring to her losing performance as a Project Manager in the first task, Lord Sugar said “April, I told you then that had this been a little bit later in the process, that you would have gone that day. At the time I didn’t know. But here we are, in week six, and I do believe that you have been standing back, I do believe I can’t see you as my business partner, so April…You’re Fired.” This left David breathing a sigh of relief and free to return to the house.

Ten candidates now remain. Next week will see the teams opening pop up shops in Manchester.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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