The best of the 80s with Stacey Jackson

Current pop icons like Dua Lipa and The Weeknd are at the forefront of the 80s music trend. Stacey Jackson does not hang behind with her new 80s nostalgia single ‘Flipside.’ 

The magic of 80s pop goes beyond the feeling of nostalgia. Stacey Jackson creates an entire working-out playlist of the best songs of the 80s to get your body moving. Including ‘Flipside,’ Jackson airs this episode on her TV show ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80s’ on January 14th to help anyone looking for motivation to stick with their New Year’s resolutions. 

In ‘Flipside,’ Stacey Jackson stresses how important it is to take risks once in a while. What stuck with the multi-faceted Jackson more than anything is the value of self-belief. 

On top of all Jackson’s endeavors, like TV presenting running her own business, she also has her fitness brand Staefit. Stacey Jackson showcases there is no age limit on talent and pursuing your dreams.

Written by Emma

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