The British Fashion Council: New Wave Creatives 2022

In 2018, the British Fashion Council (BFC) introduced NEW WAVE: Creatives, an award intended to drive creativity forward and provide a platform to facilitate burgeoning careers with the potential of becoming the next big sensation. Some of the most outstanding talents from all around the world, frequently described as “being spectacular, creative, determined, and professionals,” claimed their spots on this list.

Since then, the BFC has announced its list of winners every year, honouring the 50 most innovative and influential young people and champions of self-expression from all over the globe among the myriad of different cultures.

Keeping up with its tradition, BFC released this year’s dynamic list of the 50 most innovative and inspiring young creative talents from around the world including, digital artists, casting agents, photographers, hair and makeup artists, image makers, nail artists, set designers and stylists.

A panel made up of industry bigwigs, including model Soo Joo Park, designer Bianca Saunders and film producer Brett Kincaid, selected the final awardees, based-off their significant contributions to the fashion industry over the year. All award-winners received their trophies at the Fashion Awards 2022, held at the Royal Albert Hall, which is a celebration of creativity at the intersection of culture and one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the global fashion year.

‘The amount of talent around the globe is astonishing,’ says Kincaid. “Living in an era where it’s feasible to work with creatives as readily as we now can do incredible things for shared thought and collaboration across cultures and continents.”

Fellow panellist Omoyemi Akerele, founder of Lagos Fashion Week, also noted: “The NEW WAVE category must be applauded for acknowledging and celebrating the greatest resource any fashion ecosystem can boast of – its diverse community of new talents… Community is always the starting point of our creative process, and our creative class is the bedrock of that community.”

Check out the complete list below to find out who made the cut. Start taking notes if you’re a creative looking to join the list in the future!

And while you’re here, check out the highlights and list of glamourous winners of the Fashion Awards 2022 along with this year’s best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet.

  • Adiam Habtezion: Hair stylist
  • Aidan Zamiri: Director and photographer
  • Akemi Kishida: Hairstylist
  • Alix Bortoli: Film director and artist
  • Angel My Linh: Nail artist
  • Anthony Tong: Stylist and creative director
  • Aoife Akue: Stylist and creative director
  • Arya Yung: Nail artist
  • Aurore Gibrien: Makeup artist
  • Celia Croft: Photographer
  • Chiao Shen: Hairstylist
  • Chieska Fortune Smith: Photographer
  • Chiron Duong: Photographer and visual artist
  • Cinthia Sifa Mulanga: Artist
  • David Nana Opoku Ansah: Photographer and filmmaker
  • Diana Onatskaya: Fashion stylist and art director
  • Ekua King: Photographer
  • Elena Mottola: Stylist
  • Elizabeth Kezia Widjaja: Artist and photographer
  • Emmanuel Sanchez Monsalve: Photographer
  • Filip Koludrovic: Photographer and visual artist
  • FROMM (Vince Ibay and Jessica Miller): Digital artists
  • Giselle Ali: Makeup artist
  • Githan Coopoo: Artist
  • Herin Choi: Stylist
  • Isaac Yu: Hairstylist and creative director
  • Jack Collins: Stylist
  • Jackson Bowley: Photographer, art director and editor
  • Jonathan Johnson: Stylist and casting director
  • Julie Liu: Stylist and art director
  • Kacion Mayers: Editorial director
  • Lawrie Abei: Stylist
  • Louis Burguet: Creative director
  • Luca Khouri: Photographer
  • Marika-Ella Ames: Fashion stylist and consultant
  • Marquet K. Lee: Stylist
  • Mical Klip: Makeup artist
  • Michael Delmas: Hair stylist
  • Michaela Bosch: Makeup artist
  • Ming Ma: Digital artist
  • Mollie Gloss: Makeup artist
  • Nwaka Okparaeke: Photographer and director
  • Olivia Giles: Set designer
  • Otis Giovanni: Casting director
  • Pau Avia: Stylist
  • Raphael Bliss: Photographer
  • Simone Cummings: Nail artist
  • Tom Schneider: Set design
  • Trevor Swain: Casting director
  • Wenqingao Reven Lei: Artist

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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