The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton

YouTube, film and book fans were united tonight as the movie adaption of “The Drowning of Arthur Braxton” has been announced. Popular YouTuber Luke Cutforth, otherwise known as LukeIsNotSexy, launched the project to his online audience on Friday 31st July, after weeks of build-up and speculation.

“The Drowning of Arthur Braxton” is a novel published by Caroline Smailes in 2013. It centres around Arthur, a young and troubled boy, who’s life is full of ups and downs. He runs away from school, and is drawn inside an abandoned public baths by a sight that will change everything – a naked woman, swimming. His life will never be the same again.

For those unaware, Luke Cutforth is 21 years old and was born in Hertfordshire. He began his current YouTube channel, LukeIsNotSexy, in 2010, posting humour videos and creating a platform for filmmaking. Luke has made it no secret that he wants to create films. Tonight, his dream has made a big leap into reality.

It has been many weeks since Luke launched the “#whoisarthur” countdown over all his social medias. No information was given, apart from that some big news would be released on the evening of the 31st of July at 19:30.

The news was released that Cutforth would be directing and producing “The Drowning of Arthur Braxton” movie through a YouTube video. It revealed that £75,000 would have to be raised to create the film, and Luke asked his fans to help, offering rewards on Kickstarter if they did so. They can donate anything, up to £5,000, and the “backer” will be given the opportunity to become an executive producer of the entire film.

There has been only 2 hours since Luke announced his film, and nearly £20,000 has been raised from over 1,000 unique donations. They have great reason, as his previous film works were visually stunning and extremely well received. I wish Luke all the best for his latest adventure, and let’s hope for a brilliant film from a brilliant book.

You can donate to the film’s fund and find out more about Luke and “The Drowning of Arthur Braxton” here:


Written by CelebMix