The Ecofriendly Rugs in Celebrity Homes

Jute rugs appear more and more on the floors of the celebrity homes, from Kerry Bishop to Sarah Satow and Sherita Rankins. For a long time, we thought that respect for the planet boiled to limiting our energy consumption; today, the eco revolution echoes loud in our homes through decorative details such as ultra-natural rugs. 

Jute decorative rugs stand out for two main purpose – they are designed by fashion designers instead of the designers for interiors and are meant for the design agility.  The natural rugs can transform the feel of any home regardless of style.

Special features of jute 

The jute fiber, which essentially makes up natural rugs, is a vegetable fiber that comes from the bark of jute. Long and solid, it gives the resulting carpet resistance and firmness. The natural and raw color of the burlap adapts equally well to interior decoration as to an outdoor decoration in town or the countryside.

Jute is a natural material of plant origin originating in Southeast Asia. It is a coarse fiber that is produced by the method of twisting. India and Bangladesh are the main suppliers of jute. The raw materials are durable hygroscopic products, able to withstand all weather conditions without degrading under the effect of humidity.

Comfort and down to earth luxury 

Comfortable conditions are created in the rooms where jute products are used. Harmful mold and fungal deposits do not start on the walls and the floor. Jute rugs and rugs are impregnated with a special compound, which includes lignin and wood resin.

As a result, the finished products are not subject to rotting, and the penetration of microorganisms dangerous to health, even with strong wetting.

One rug for the whole house 

Wisely chosen, preferably colorful or fancy, jute rugs placed in an entrance hall serve as a doormat and welcomes people with cheer and friendliness. Jute rugs are very in right now. But, in the house, they reveal their multiple potentials. 

For a bohemian interior full of charm, adopt light wood furniture; sofas, armchairs, cushions in linen fabric or unbleached canvas, in pastel tones for a note of warmth and softness. In addition, dress your floor with a jute rug, rectangular, natural or colored, and voila. A wooden coffee table and a jute rug will complement the whole house harmoniously.

For a summery atmosphere, opt for rattan, bamboo, or wicker furniture. They will look great with your jute rug. Bordered in white, it pleasantly enhances a Scandinavian-style interior. It easily finds its place at the entrance to the bathroom, in the patio, or in the bedroom, where it brings a feeling of freshness and tranquility.

How to choose a jute rug

Make the right choice by asking the right questions

Whatever its shape, when buying a rug, do not go headlong at the risk of regretting your choice. Indeed, you have to ask yourself the right questions to make sure of its size, material, colors, and patterns.

Indeed, the best rug must not only please your eyes but also perfectly match the decor to give the final touch to the atmosphere of the room.

Match the color of your round rug with its decoration

Like any model, when you want to perfectly integrate a rug into your room, you must start by determining the dominant shade that will best match your decoration.

Think about rendering seamless harmony with your current furniture, walls, or accessories. Plain, patterned, trendy, or vintage, all variations are possible. Try out different colors to actually determine which one will work best with your sofa or dining table, etc.

Choose a versatile shape.

The round carpet is popular at the moment. Natural, finely woven, adorned with shimmering patterns or warm colors, it slips easily under a coffee table or a pedestal table. Often covered in dark colors such as burgundy, the round jute rug forms a striking contrast perfect for all types of interior. 

The rectangular jute rug is often plain or combined with other natural materials such as cotton, wool, or hemp. Although it is available in different formats according to needs, it is used in the living room and the dining room. For an interior that is both modern and original, choose a finely crafted colored jute rug.

Written by Monella