The Lying Game Cast – Where Are They Now?

It has been four years since the final episode of The Lying Game was shown. We’re still not happy with how it ended, there were so many loose ends that just needed to be tied up; but they weren’t, leaving the fans disappointed that the show didn’t get a third season.

The Charles Pratt, Jr. developed teen drama series was loosely based off a series of books of the same name by Sara Shepard.

We watched events unfold between a set of twins who were separated at birth. They lived two totally different lives. Sutton decides that she wants to find her birth parents, and so asks her twin, Emma, to step into her life as she attempts to find their birth mother.

Matters become complicated as Sutton’s friends prefer Emma pretending to be Sutton. Not only that, but Sutton later returns wanting her life back, but Emma is not ready to give it up yet.

The final episode left the whole show on a complete cliff-hanger, never to be resolved; after the show got cancelled by the network. The cast, however, wanted another series, just to wrap up all the loose ends.

However, the cast has since gone on to do much greater things, although many were already established actors and actresses. We take a look at what they’ve been up to.

Alexandra Chando (Sutton Mercer / Emma Becker)

Probably mostly known for playing Maddie Coleman in American soap opera, As The World Turns; Alexandra Chando has acted in plenty of other shows, including web series Rockville CA as Deb, Glory Daze for two episodes, and The Talent Show as Danielle. All this was before her most known roles as Sutton and Emma in The Lying Game.

She went on to play Noelle in Hindsight for three episodes, as well as popped up in Castle for one episode and Outcast, also for one episode. She originally applied to play the role of Elena in The Vampire Diaries, but didn’t get the role and ended up playing Sutton and Emma in The Lying Game, however she did have a one-off role in The Vampire Diaries this year in season eight episode eight titled “We Have History Together”, playing Tara.

Allie Gonino (Laurel Mercer)

Laurel Mercer was Sutton’s sister before we later found out who Sutton and Emma’s real father was, therefore making her their paternal half-sister. Before this role, she played Allison in five episodes of Rita Rocks, and then she went on to have a recurring role as Michelle in the television series 10 Things I Hate About You, which was based off the film of the same name. She was also one-fifth of girl group The Stunners, alongside Tinashe.

Since then she has started a new band called The Good Mad, who also featured in The Lying Game. She also took on a main role in The Red Road, as Rachel Jensen. In 2015, she released a single, titled “Vamp”, and an EP titled “Hollywood High”.

Blair Redford (Ethan Whitehorse)

Sutton’s secret boyfriend, he quickly works out Emma is not Sutton. He falls for Emma but then cheats on her with Sutton. As for the actor, he had already established himself in many shows before this one including The Young And The Restless, as Scott Grainger; Passions as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald; and 90210 as Oscar. He also appeared in Switched At Birth as Tyler ‘Ty’ Mendoza whilst filming The Lying Game. He also appeared in the film Burlesque as James; the film also starred Christina Aguilera and Cher.

He later went on to have a main role in Satisfaction as Simon. Other one-off roles included appearing in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Beauty and the Beast, and The Red Road.

Alice Greczyn (Madeline ‘Madz’ Rybak)

Madz was one of Sutton’s best friends. She later becomes friends with Emma instead after learning the truth about them. Alice Greczyn has also established herself in many shows and films previous to this one. You may have seen her in Quintuplets as Alayna Colins, Windfall as Frankie Townsend, Privileged as Mandy, and in Lincoln Heights as Sage Lund. She also appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard as Laurie Pullman, Shrooms as Holly, House of Fears as Candice, and Sex Drive as Mary.

She hasn’t been in much since The Lying Game finished, but her most notable role was being in American television soap opera The Young And The Restless as Emma Randall.

Christian Alexander (Thayer Ryback)

He was Madz half-brother, he has had feelings for Sutton for ages but when he realises she doesn’t want him, he finds Emma playing Sutton and falls for her. The actor has been in a few one-off things before The Lying Game including Zoey 101, Eastwick, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Nowadays he’s more notably known for his role in General Hospital as Kiefer Bauer.

Kirsten Prout (Charlotte ‘Char’ Chamberlin)

Another one of Sutton’s best friends from the first season. It is later found out that she is the cousin of both Sutton and Emma through their biological mother. This actress could be seen in many shows and films before this series. She was in the film Elektra as Abigail ‘Abby’ Miller, TV show Kyle XY as Amanda Bloom, and film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as Lucy.

She went on to appear in many TV films including Social Nightmare, My Life As A Dead Girl, and The Wrong Girl. As well as having one-off roles in NCIS, Psych, Devious Minds, and Ties That Bind.

Andy Buckley (Ted Mercer)

It turns out that Ted Mercer is the biological father of Sutton and Emma, as well as Laurel, the latter of which, we already knew. Andy Buckley has been in a few films and a lot of one-off roles in many TV series. He has been seen in Pacific Blue, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Melrose Place, NYPD Blue, and The West Wing.

He is most notably known for his role as David Wallace in The Office, which he has been a part of for seven years between 2006 and 2013. Since this show, he has had more one-off roles including Baby Daddy, The League, Silicon Valley, and You’re The Worst. He can also be seen in Jurassic World as Scott. He also had slightly more regular roles in Hit The Floor, as Adam Oberman; Casual as Paul Schmidt; Odd Mom Out as Andy Weber; and Scorpion as Richard Elia.

Helen Slater (Kristin Mercer)

She is the adoptive mother of Sutton and the biological mother of Laurel. As for Helen Slater, she has made her name known in many films. Most notably she’s known as Supergirl in the film of the same name, which was released in 1984. She went on to be in some successful films, including Ruthless People as Sandy Kessler; The Secret of My Success as Christy Wills alongside Michael J. Fox; and City Slickers as Bonnie Rayburn. She has also released five studio albums.

Since the show got cancelled, she went on to star in the TV series for Supergirl, where she plays Eliza Danvers. You can also see her as many one-off characters in various TV shows including The Young and the Restless, Mad Men, and Agent X.

Adrian Pasdar (Alec Rybak)

Alec Rybak was the evil guy in this TV show, the father of Madz and the step-father of Thayer. He’s the best friend to Ted hence why he has a prominent role in this show. The actor himself has done a lot over the years. He first appeared as a guest role in Top Gun. Before going on to take the lead role in Profit, as Jim Profit. He played the main character Declan Dunn in Mysterious Ways and was a series regular during season five and six of Judging Amy as David McClaren. He was part of the main cast in Heroes, playing Nathan Petrelli.

Since his role in The Lying Game, he went into voice acting, where he established himself as Tony Stark / Iron Man in Marvel Anime: Iron Man. The animated character then appeared in various other TV shows including Avengers Assemble and various crossovers, which is where Adrian Pasdar continued lending his voice. Most recently, he can be spotted in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Glenn Talbot, as well as Colony as Nolan Burgess.

Charisma Carpenter (Annie Rebecca Sewell)

She is Char’s estranged aunt. She goes on to have a relationship with Alec, who she later marries. Charisma Carpenter is a household name, and it was a shock to see her turn up in this. She is mostly known for playing Cordelia Chase in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the spin-off show Angel. She also made her name known in Charmed as Kyra and in Veronica Mars as Kendall Casablancas. Charisma Carpenter can also be seen as Lacy in The Expendables film series.

She went on to host Surviving Evil and had one-off appearances in various shows including Blue Bloods, Sons of Anarchy, Scream Queens, Chicago P.D., and Lucifer.

So that’s it, most of the actors and actresses have gone on to appear in bigger and better shows. Do you miss The Lying Game? Who was your favourite character? Was it cancelled too early? Let us know all your thoughts on The Lying Game by tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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