Tru Calling Cast – Where Are They Now?

Tru Calling first aired in 2003 and was cancelled in 2005 due to low ratings. Due to the cancellation. series two only had six episodes; leaving the entire show on a number of cliff-hangers. The Jon Harmon Feldman created TV show had some amazing cast members who went on to star in plenty of shows afterwards.

Tru Calling saw our main character, Tru Davies, taking a job at the city morgue when her internship falls through. She discovers she has an incredible power when a murdered woman comes in and awakens asking for her help. Tru Davies’ day restarts and she attempts to save the woman from dying. Throughout the series, she is helped by her boss, Davis, and occasionally by her brother, Harrison.

The series becomes more complicated when Jack Harper is introduced. He too has the same ability as Tru Davies, only he goes back in time to preserve fate by making sure the person Tru is trying save, stays dead.

Unfortunately, the show got cancelled before everything could be wrapped up. There are many ways series two could’ve continued. It’s such a shame that the final series wasn’t completed, and Tru Calling will always remain an unfinished show. However, the stars of the show went on to bigger and better things.

We take a look at where these stars are now.

Eliza Dushku (Tru Davies)

Already established herself as bad girl Faith on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and spin-off show Angel; Eliza Dushku was looking to play a different role. She was offered a Faith spin-off show, but chose this instead, which pretty much made the Buffy fans instantly dislike Tru Calling before it even started. She can also be spotted in a number of films before this TV series started, including the popular Bring It On, and slasher film Wrong Turn.

After the show, she took on a number of roles but it wasn’t until Dollhouse that she really shined. Playing main character, Echo, the series also got two seasons and was created by Joss Whedon, known as the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. She went on to appear in TV shows: Leap Year and Banshee, as well as providing voices for the animated show Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. On the film front, she appeared in a lot of negatively received films but recently appeared in The Scribbler and Jane Wants A Boyfriend. She is set to appear in Eloise, which will be released later this year.

Zach Galifianakis (Davis)

If anything, Zach Galifianakis is one of the biggest names from this TV series. He went on to do so many great films and TV shows. Most notably, he can be found playing Alan Garner in The Hangover franchise. He has been in many films as supporting cast, including What Happens In VegasInto The WildUp In The AirThe Muppets, and Youth In Revolt. He later gained main roles in films G-Force, Due Date, Birdman, and Keeping Up With The Joneses.

Shawn Reaves (Harrison Davies)

This is Shawn Reaves most notable role so far. He totally shined as Tru’s brother in this TV series. Additionally, he appeared in the film Dandelion, as well as CSI: Miami in Season 5 Episode 19 titled “Bloodlines”. He has been in a few shorts but was one of the main character in Parallel Worlds: A New Rock Music Experience.

Jessica Collins (Meredith Davies)

Before Tru Calling, Jessica Collins had guest starred in many TV shows, including Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, Coach, Star Trek: Voyager, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She also appeared in films Catch Me If You CanBeautiful, and Ritual. Prior to becoming Meredith Davies, she had a guest role in American Dreams as Colleen for six episodes.

Her next big role was in American television drama Big Shots, this was where Jessica Collins got to work with the Tru Calling creator, Jon Harmon Feldman, again; she played Maria for all 11 episodes. She played Valerie Bottoms for four episodes in Scoundrels and followed Shawn Reaves by guest starring in CSI: Miami in Season 9 Episode 8 titled “Happy Birthday”. Most recently, she became a series regular in soap opera The Young and the Reckless, playing Avery Bailey Clark.

Jason Priestley (Jack Harper)

The addition of Jack Harper into this series made for great viewing. Jason Priestley totally encompassed the role, he was practically the bad guy. He was a famous face before Tru Calling, having been one of the main characters in Beverly Hills 90210 where he played Brandon Walsh for the first nine series. Furthermore, he had main roles in Teen Angel and Sister Kate. He featured in a number of films in the 90’s and early 00’s including TombstoneLove and Death on Long Island, and Calendar Girl.

After Tru Calling, Jason Priestly appeared in Going The DistanceEnter The Dangerous Mind, and Zoom. However, it was TV shows where created quite the career for himself. He took on roles in Love MonkeySide Order of Life, and Haven. Yet, he has completely owned many lead roles including Richard “Fitz” Fitzpatrick in Call Me Fitz, as well as Wayne Wayney in Raising Expectations and Matt Shade in Private Eyes.

Matt Bomer (Luc Johnston)

Luc Johnston was Tru Davies’ on-off boyfriend; her hectic life got in the way of actually having a love life. Matt Bomer wasn’t all that known when he appeared in Tru Calling. He had starred in six episodes of Guiding Light.

He then went on to become a star actor, he was a series regular in Traveler and Chuck, as Jay Burchell and Bryce Larkin respectively. Next, he took on the lead role as Neal Caffrey in White Collar, for all six seasons. He is also one of the main characters in Magic Mike and it’s sequel Magic Mike XXL, as stripper Ken. That’s not the only thing he has done. Matt Bomer played Donovan in American Horror Story: Hotel.

AJ Cook (Lindsay Walker)

Lindsay Walker was Tru Davies’ best friend; we all want a best friend just like her. Before this show, AJ Cook had already featured in some films and TV Shows, including Final Destination 2, Out Cold – with Zach Galifianakis, and Higher Ground.

She can currently be seen in Criminal Minds, as main character, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, where she has been in all 12 seasons so far. Her most recent film role was in slasher horror Wer, where she played lead character, Kate Moore.

So that’s it, most of the actors and actresses have gone on to much greater things. Do you think this TV show ended too soon? Who was your favourite character? Let us know all your thoughts on Tru Calling by tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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