The Most Educated Celebrities from the UK

When Brits put their heart and mind to the test, reading books is the most common pastime, followed by watching an engaging film or a challenging game show. You’ll be surprised to find out that only seven percent of Brits consider intelligence as an important trait for their loved ones to have. However, more than thirty percent consider it an essential trait for their romantic partner to have. 

When it comes to their feeling about superiority in the intellectual world, two in five have confessed to respecting and admiring them while only one in seven experiences envy. More than forty percent think that you can know if someone is intelligent or not just by looking at their dressing. According to the research, smart shoes, a pair of glasses, and a bowtie are all preferred by people with high IQ. More than seventy percent of Brits consider themselves intelligent. Yet, two-thirds wish they had a higher IQ. In the UK, education is key.

Smartest people in the UK

Sir David Attenborough was named the most intelligent person in the UK. The senior narrator and broadcaster defeated the famous presenter Stephen Fry and popular actress Emma Watson. Professor Brian Cox was followed closely by the popular actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Stephen Hawking also appeared in the top list of the most intelligent people in the UK. Here are the most educated celebrities from the UK:

Sir David Attenborough

Nature Documentarist

Sir David Attenborough is one of the most famous people in the UK thanks to his documentary-making skills. His unique and soothing voice and exquisite footage of nature have managed to attract a large following across the world. Sir David studied Anthropology back in 1964 at the London School of Economics. He is one of the most intelligent people in the UK and the world.

Virginia Wolf

Kings College London Graduate and Author

Virginia Wolf was a famous English writer who was highly respected in the world of literature and writix. Wolf attended Kings College in London and went on to study Latin, Greek, German, and History. The university honored her by constructing the Virginia Building. Students studying literature should visit to get help and write like Virginia Wolf. In 2002, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman were featured in The Hours, a famous movie that is based on Wolf’s writing

Kit Harington

Central School of Speech, Drama student and Actor

Unless you’ve been living alone in the wilderness, you are probably familiar with the celebrity from Game of Thrones. Kit Harrington is one of the most loved people on the planet who popularized Jon Snow’s character in the British series. Before landing his role on the famous Breaking Bad TV series, he attended the Central School of Speech and Drama here in London.

Sir Elton John

Royal Academy Music Student and Musician

Before becoming a celebrity musician in the 60s, Sir Elton developed and improved his music skills at the Royal Academy of Music. The singer speaks highly of the inspirational training that the institution offered to him during his early days.

Vivienne Westwood

Student at Westminster, Middlesex, and Goldsmith Universities

Vivienne has been praised by countless people for merging the new wave of fashion with politics. She is famous for being one of the best and most influential fashion designers in the world. Before launching her career, Westwood studied at the University of Westminster, Middlesex University, and Goldsmiths University.

Emma Watson

Brown University – Literature

Back in 2009, Emma became a student at Brown University after filming Deathly Hallows and Harry Porter. Emma took close to five years to complete the course instead of four due to her acting career. She got good grades and graduated back in 2014.


If you live and study in Britain, one of these celebrities has likely attended all the boring lectures that your university offers. You might be using the same desk that the person you look up to use. The UK is home to some of the best universities and colleges in the world. 

You shouldn’t be surprised that the majority of smart celebrities chose this destination as their ideal place of study. As you have seen, Brits value their intelligence because it determines how people will treat them. Now is the best time to study and get that certificate that you’ve always dreamed of. It is possible!  

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