The Motans & Inna Perform “Nota de Plata” Live At ProFM

Another radio live performance set by The Motans & Inna. They are certainly focused on promoting this track, and they are definitely doing a great job of it. Once again, they sing “Nota de Plata” live at a radio studio. First, they performed at Radio ZU, next up was Virgin Radio Romania, then they performed at Kiss FM Romania; most recently, they performed at ProFM.

The song has been doing well in Romania, where it has charted. We reckon with all this promotion, the track will climb up high. It’s undeniably catchy, with Inna and The Motans impressing with their vocal delivery and the addictive rhythm of the track.

The vocalist of The Motans, Denis Roabes, has the most fun at this studio compared to all their previous performances. It’s clear he is enjoying this one, fully smiling towards the end. Could Inna’s energetic performance vibes finally be rubbing off on him? We can’t help but love this performance more than their previous ones, all because Denis Roabes is totally enjoying himself.

Full of energy throughout, Inna impresses us with her beautiful vocals and her controlled energy. She interacts with Denis Roabes much more than she has previously, and it comes off engaging and interesting. The viewers are gripped as connection flows between the two singers – something we haven’t really seen previously.

It’s a cute live performance, one that everyone enjoyed. We hope that these recent performances help promote the song and give it the attention it deserves. For the time being, they’ve been releasing remixes of “Nota de Plata“, which have been pure fire. We hope this isn’t the last time we see The Motans and Inna collaborate.

Watch The Motans & Inna Perform “Nota de Plata” At ProFM Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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