The Real J Israel

The Real J Israel Releases ‘For the Sake of R&B’

Atlanta-based R&B/soul singer The Real J Israel released his new album, For the Sake of R&B, not long ago, a melodic and voluptuous collection of music.

The Real J Israel grew up as a Preacher’s Kid, spending his time singing in gospel choirs, which imparted the power of music, along with instilling his voice with beaucoup soul and passion. Over time, his sound shifted from gospel to R&B because of its eloquence. Yet his sound remains influenced by gospel, giving his music an affluent warm feel.

When not making music, The Real J Israel is married and father to seven children, as well as owning his own business. This pragmatic aspect of his life imbues his music with scrumptious authenticity and relevance.

Encompassing a baker’s dozen of tracks, the must-listen-to tracks on the album include “When You Need Love,” which features a low-slung R&B melody topped by J Israel’s erotic tones, infusing the lyrics with erogenous sensuality.

“I Need It” opens on shimmering, titillating guitars riding a measured thumping rhythm showcasing a subterranean bassline. Glowing, echoing harmonies complement The Real J Israel’s sexy, arousing timbres, dreamy and lingering.

As if floating, “Mr. Good Good” glides forth on creamy textures of suggestive R&B, silk-smooth and flowing with luscious layers of coloration. J Israel’s velvety, deluxe timbres inject the lyrics with buttery savors as he spills out his ardor.

“Toxic” rolls out on deep rhythmic pulsations as J Israel’s fervent voice narrates emotions brought on by the collapse of a relationship. While “You Get It” travels on dark, resonant colors, heavy with aching, misty textures. The Real J Israel’s voice takes on traces of emo-hip-hop flow, along with simmering hues of R&B.

The slow, undulating motion of “Won’t Go Away” captivates with its bewitching vocals and panting expression of heartache and poignancy.

For the Sake of R&B drips with sumptuous washes of sound and the visceral sensuality of the voice of The Real J Israel. As sexy as Barry White, yet glossier and satiny smooth, this album reasserts the influence of R&B.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.