The realities of being a WAG

by  zoetnet 

For thousands of girls around the country and indeed the world, there’s a certain allure to dating a celeb or otherwise famous person. Whether you’re with a footballer or a musician, the ‘WAGs’ – wives and girlfriends – often become famous in their own right, and envied by countless other women across the Universe. But is it all gorgeous men and designer handbags? Or is there a darker side? We aren’t exactly saying “oh, poor them, everyone should feel sorry for them” – but here’s an idea of some of the tribulations they must face.

Having To Know The Business Side

If you’ve not really got a genuine interest in your partner’s industry, you’ll have to learn – fast. If you didn’t spend your formative years betting on every football match possible, it may well be that the particulars escaped your notice! If your boyfriend’s world is one you’ve never had a part of, it’s usually fine, and it’s fun to learn. But when the cameras are rolling and the press are just waiting to trip you up, you’ll have to be able to string a supportive sentence together about the game which doesn’t make you resemble an airhead – or worse.


Sadly, no matter how good your intentions are, the public like to judge, and the media can be their biggest collective cheerleader. Every day, you’ll face accusations that you’re a gold digger, a nobody, or that you are plain stupid – because others before you will have given you a bad name. You’ll have to learn to brush it off. Sure, the money helps, but it’s frustrating, right? 

You’ll Be Stripped Of Identity

Sure, lots of WAGS have gone on to be a successful entity in their own right, but before they are taken seriously as an individual, they are reduced to being an object without her own hopes and dreams. They won’t care what life plans you have for yourself, and will assume anything you do to further your career or aspirations is riding off the back of your partner and his success.


Has something gone wrong in your private life? Too bad, it’ll be splashed across the papers. Forget being able to grieve in peace or quietly forgive indiscretions like an affair, they’ll be blasted all over the press like nobody’s business. Opinion pieces will be written about you, and the nasty trolls will come out in comment sections galore. Even popping to the shops alone will become a thing of the past.

If it’s even worse and your partner does something truly criminal, you’ll be doubted, too. If you stick by him, your morals will be called into question. If you don’t, they’ll probably find a way to pity you – and not in a nice way!

Love is love, but don’t just assume these girls have a perfect world! Their men are often gone all the time, and it’s an isolating world plagued with doubt and stress!

Written by CelebMix