The Script celebrate St Patricks Day by ‘Painting the Town Green’ in Brussels with a bit of world record breaking and a few free drinks

The Script celebrated St Patrick’s Day in Brussels as they continue their Freedom Child world tour by ‘Painting the Town Green’. (Not literally, but they certainly threw one hell of a party!)

First, they announced the release of ‘Crazy World’ which they performed live in Dublin with Christy Dingham.

They then promised #thescriptfamily they were spending St Patricks Day celebrating with them all, and boy did they deliver on that promise.

The band wanted to ‘Paint the world Green.


They gave every member of the audience at the Brussels gig a free drink to celebrate St Patricks Day. By doing this they broke the world record for the largest round of drinks bought.

The band and all the fans at the gig in Brussels partied so hard there was a powercut and show had temporarily stop while power was restored in the venue.

They also streamed parts of the gig on their Facebook for fans all over the world to see and take part in the party.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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