The Time Fairy Delivers Ultimate Luxury Experiences to Its Discerning Clients

Whereas most concierge businesses aim to provide clients comfort and convenience, Flor Kapitzky’s The Time Fairy promises to turn its clients’ dreams into reality. It is undoubtedly a tall order, but it’s one that has become guaranteed by Flor Kapitzky. Using her unique personality, creative problem-solving skills, and in-depth network, Kapitzky provides the ultimate luxury experience.

Flor Kapitzky is a model and entrepreneur. She was born in Brazil and moved to Los Angeles in 2017. Not long after moving to the United States, Kapitzky started a jewelry company. Today, she leads the team in her luxury concierge business, The Time Fairy. Kapitzky is also currently studying to enter the real estate industry. The diversity of her business ventures reveals a strong drive and firm dedication to achieve her goals—qualities that characterize The Time Fairy.

The Time Fairy is a concierge business that provides exclusive services tailored to the clients’ demands. These services often include securing access to exclusive clubs or a table at world-renowned restaurants. Taking that one step further, Flor Kaptizky’s agency can arrange private jet trips for stylish travelers, attendance at inaccessible events, and other VIP experiences.

Pulling off any one of these requests is nothing short of a miracle. But building a business around providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences requires considerable talents and skills. For Flor Kapitzky, the success of The Time Fairy can be attributed to her keen insight into what constitutes luxury. A luxurious experience goes beyond gaining access to commodities that are commonly difficult to attain. True luxury also entails great comfort in enjoying the rarest objects. 

In today’s fast-paced society, the one thing that people want more of is time. If there is one thing that The Time Fairy’s discerning clients appreciate the most, it is the time-saving nature of the company’s services. There are few things more luxurious than having peace of mind with the assurance that extraordinary experiences are just around the corner. To ensure that clients enjoy rest and relaxation, Flor Kapitzky and her team engage in diligent planning. 

The process starts with the team getting to know their clients on a personal level. Putting in the effort to know their customers allows them to make unique recommendations that align with the clients’ lifestyle. Having gathered information, The Time Fairy then proceeds with its mission to plan, organize, and facilitate a smooth trip. However, no amount of planning can adequately prepare for unexpected inconveniences or concerns. Fortunately, the luxury concierge’s services are flexible. The company can make necessary adjustments on the go to ensure that the customer experience exceeds expectations.

In addition to diligent and careful planning, an in-depth network enables and enhances The Time Fairy’s services. This network makes it possible for the luxury concierge business to give clients access to the most sought-after locations and completely personalized trips. The amount of work that goes into establishing such a vast network is hard to imagine, but it will always be challenging to make dreams into reality. The Time Fairy stands ready to take on that challenge for its clients.

Even in her personal life, Flor Kapitzky aims to help realize the dreams of those who are in need. She is the only sponsor of two children in Africa. With the help of the ChildFund organization, Kapitzky hopes to provide these kids with financial and emotional support. “It’s really good to do something for free, without wanting anything in exchange,” explains Kapitzky. Her motivation is the genuine desire to spread love and positive thinking.

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Written by CelebMix