The trend of creating Fake Celebrity IDs

Celebrities are hounded my media from morning till evening. There was a time when they were lesser known to the public and would also be less approachable. Now, with the evolution of digital media and paparazzi everywhere, it is difficult for stars to hibernate. However, just as with big powers comes big responsibility, the repercussions of being a star also start weighing on a heavier scale.

There are many cons of being a celebrity. One of those cons is a stars name being used by any laymen for personal interest. There has been a trend in creating fake celebrity ID’s. If we have to discuss social media alone, then there are millions of followers of every star on their official profile. A fake profile on any of the social media accounts can not only spread fake rumors about the concerned person but could also cause potential damage to the repute of the star.

Let me take you through some of the examples of how fake ID’s can be made:

Fake Profile on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many more social media platforms serve themselves as a platter for so many trouble makers. A fake profile isn’t difficult to make. Facebook comes with paid promotions and can easily earn millions of likes within minutes. The only source which confirms the veracity of the account is the blue tick. However, that is not easy, even for the blue tick, it takes around 48 hours to 45 days to appear on the profile of the star.

Even if we take 48 hours from this time, then it is easy for the trouble maker to spread a rumor about a star which might take the internet by storm. There have been several cases where fake profiles with millions of followers have been given high regard. In many interviews even celebrities are asked about so and so profiles. Therefore it is very easy to cause massive damage to a star’s repute by putting up a fake video or a picture.

Moreover, now with paid content, any fake video that generates millions of reviews will be remunerated well. On the other hand, a platform such as Twitter that is infamous for celebrity verbal spats and for being too political, can be misused easily.

Fake ID Websites

This trend is trending globally in terms of its veracity to scam people. There are multiple websites over the web that are heavily invested in providing fake licenses and documents to people. A fake ID website has the potential to earn a lot of money owing to its services. There are many types of fake documents which these websites prepare. One of the most common types of document is a driving license; others include membership cards, identity cards, etc.

Imagine if you’re the owner of a liquor bar and a young athletic man walks up to you with Tom Cruise’s membership card to buy a bottle of liquor, then what would you do? You’ll give a bottle of booze right away. This is why so many stars get in trouble when such people channel out their negative activities under their names. Getting a fake ID document is not difficult at all. Especially, with celebrities, much of their information is public which means that Brad Pitt’s date of birth is not a hidden affair.

A fake document starts at $100 only and goes up to as high as $300. In case you want multiple documents then the cost per document will decrease. The surprising thing is that fake documents are handled with great care and very safely detached to the customer.

How to handle a fake celebrity profile?

Now that you have a fake celebrity profile of your own, keep the following things in mind:

Don’t tell anyone about it

Even the best of your friends might not be able to digest the idea. Try not sharing it with anyone at all. In case you get caught up then you might end up in jail along with a punch by your superstar and fine worth millions of dollars. If you’re a fan, then that’s right, but try to be very secretive with this account. If you can afford to, then you can get thousands of fans on board.

Don’t give out your information

Mentioning any of your details might get you in big trouble. Avoid sharing phone number or date of birth online. Moreover, don’t reply to people with your phone number from the fake account. Don’t even try to check out girls by passing out your personal information. Not to forget, register with a fake email ID.

Don’t be too responsive

Don’t forget that stars have a lot of work to do. Not many of them are responsive to social media. If you are running an account with Cristiano Ronaldo’s name, then don’t tweet his private selfies every 5 minutes up. He likes to spend his time playing out in the ground; then there is no point in being responsive.

Write good vocabulary

Choose your words wisely and try not to construct poor sentences. Such mistakes will easily leave the fans in skepticism. Master the art of how celebrities use their other social media accounts to stay in touch with fans. Try writing good and less. Stars these days easily share fake accounts on their official accounts with screenshots which means that your hard work might get into trouble.

Attack the no war zone

This means that you better begin with a social media platform where the superstar is not available. If you want to make a fake ID of a celebrity who already has an account on Facebook, then go for Twitter. Don’t try to compete on the same platform. You will easily get caught up.

Handle Fake ID Documents with care

Fake ID Documents are very dangerous to handle. Do not trust them with any friend of yours. Remember that you could end up in the jail for your life under a serious criminal offense. Having fun with those documents for once in a while is fine but to keep on misusing them will have repercussions. Keep them in a safe place of your house where no one can approach.

Don’t operate a fake ID from your house

Beware of operating a fake ID from your house. You might run into big loss by doing it. If a search operation is launched, then you could possibly be tracked from your house via the IP address. Always register from a fake email and operate from a net café or a far distant area.


The trend in creating fake celebrity ID’s has been around for some time but is surely not a secure way to do the right thing. A fake document can be used for once in a while to be cool but overusing it will surely get you behind the bars. Remember, they are huge stars, so your entire family might end up serving a long term in jail. Moreover, don’t be afraid of being tracked.

In case you are being stalked by authorities then try to deactivate that account as soon as you can. Remove all the uploaded posts and do not reply to any messages that you receive. Lastly, keep your cool and don’t shiver. Destroy the fake ID document as soon as you can.

Written by CelebMix