The Vamps Boys Are At It Again!

Those boys from The Vamps are treating us well when it comes to album writing updates aren’t they?

You may have noticed that Brad and Con went on a little writing trip to LA recently and with the multiple live streams, Snapchats and Instagram posts from their sessions in the studio, it’s not hard to miss the progress they’re making! – Make sure you’re subscribed to The Vamps Facebook page as they’re always livestreaming and click here to watch the latest studio livestream thanks to Mr James Mcvey!

It looks like the boys are having a great time writing new material and working with the likes of Ollie Green. One thing is for sure, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what they do differently this time round.

‘Wake Up’ was on a whole other level to the band’s debut ‘Meet The Vamps’, so we know they’re more than capable of giving us something completely different. We’ve seen them experiment in the studio before thanks to the video below, and the outcome was amazing!

After the success of the band’s second album and a tour that not only was bigger stage wise but that has taken them to places they’ve never been before like South America, we just know that they’re going to make the third album the best one yet.

From what the boys have been saying over on Twitter, it’s coming along nicely, which is of course what we like to hear.

We’re keeping an eye out for those cryptic lyric clues that musicians like to tweet out every now and again too!

If like us, you can’t wait to see more behind the scenes snippets from the boys (and of course for the much anticipated third album to make it to our ears) then let us know what you’re hoping to hear from The Vamps’ next album by sending us a tweet over @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix