The Vamps headline Newmarket Racecourse

On August 25th The Vamps performed at Newmarket Racecourse. The day began with six horse races for the fans to enjoy whilst waiting for their favourite English band.

The Vamps consists of Bradley Simpson (lead vocalist), James McVey (lead guitarist), Connor Ball (bass) and Tristan Evans (drums). The band began their amazing set with a summer single ‘Staying Up’. The crowd were dancing and singing the lyrics back to the band, getting their adrenaline pumping. Brad kept dancing around the stage interacting with the crowd, with fans screaming, crying and waving their hands in the air trying to get the boys’ attention.

After ‘Staying Up’ the boys then went on to perform ‘Last Night’, playing the first verse on piano. This was a different way of delivering the song, allowing the band to switch up the original version we all know and love.

The Vamps performed songs from all four of their albums which was a nice touch to the set list as it mixed things up for the crowd. The boys made sure to interact with the crowd at all times, whether it was talking to them, getting them to scream, dance or sing lyrics back to the band.

The boys definitely got the audience going when they performed their hit single ‘Can We Dance’, which proved to be a crowd favourite with everybody dancing, singing and smiling. The Vamps also played three songs from their new album Night & Day (Day Edition): ‘Just My Type’, ‘Forget What Your Father Says’ and ‘Cheap Wine’.

Before leaving the stage the band got the crowd singing and dancing by performing ‘Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)’ . This was a good song to finish with as everyone knew the lyrics whether it was the teenage fans, the younger fans or members of the crowd which had never heard of The Vamps before.

Following screams of “We Want More!” from their adoring fans, The Vamps performed an encore of ‘Wake Up’, and ‘Same To You’, before closing with ‘All Night’. The boys put on an incredible performance, not only pleasing their fans but the older generation as well, proving that they are an amazing, universally liked band.

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Written by Indiatabony

I am 20 and I love attending concerts and listening to my favourite artists latest music. I am studying festivals and events at university, events management is my passion.
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