The Vamps new single: Wake Up

There seems to be panic in the Vamps fandom after finding out more about the new single!

After patiently waiting for The Vamps to release something other than their album Meet The Vamps, which came out last year, we’ve found something new.

The Vamps new single: Wake Up 2

Member of iheart radio tweeted and instagramed this, soon enough vampettes from everywhere were trending #TheVampsNewSingleWakeUp.

The new single is called Wake Up, which you probably gathered.

None of the band have actually tweeted about this, which looks like its causing a lot of stress onto the fandom.

Some are unsure if this is real and others are freaking out… A lot…

Is it finally time we hear new music or will we have to wait for what feels like forever for some more?

Come on The Vamps, WAKE UP!


Written by CelebMix