CelebMix Speaks to The Vamps at WE Day UK

When we tweeted that we’d be heading to WE Day UK 2017, a lot of you got in touch to tell us that The Vamps would be performing (like we weren’t already aware some of our faves would be there) and that you’d love us to have a chat to them. Well, we love to give you what you want so we managed to grab a couple of words with the quartet on the blue carpet to talk WE Day, collabs and inspirations.

On The Importance of WE Day

Tristan:It’s really important to spread the positivity as when you’re younger you look up to people you see on TV or music channels and it’s important to help and inspire them. Wembley Arena is obviously a legendary venue and it’s great to be here

On Who They Look Up To

Brad:Our families, our parents, everyone. They’ve supported us throughout our lives. Musicians we’ve grown up and got into via those bands. Also, you’ve got people like Emma Watson who are using their platform for a very beneficial and positive reason which is just what WE Day is about today. I think it’s nice especially recently seeing a lot of people in the public eye using their platform to help others and put it to good use

James:I think things like this are really important because it’s kind of like everyone’s together and it’s that unity that kind of feeling of togetherness and building bridges not building walls and it’s about kind of nurturing passion in children. So for me, I had a lot of music teachers and an English teacher and a history teacher that kind of helped me express myself through my school work and consequently led to me being in the position to do songwriting. Its things like this with good vibes on learning and education is really really important I wish that I had more of this sort of stuff when I was younger

B:Music is very good for bringing people together and spreading positivity and if we can play any hand in that and help in any way then we are more than happy to

On Their ‘Middle Of The Night Tour’

B:We’re very much looking forward to it. We’ve got a lot of new material to play on the tour as well. It’s exciting. The album is hopefully coming in the Summer, we’ve got a couple of songs to release before the album. It’ll be nice for the fans to hear some songs pre-album.

On The New Album

B:It’s similar to All Night but it also stays true to the first album and the second album so a lot of it is quite guitar driven and melody driven. But yeah positive, upbeat and danceable fun

J:There’s could be another collaboration on our second single that’s coming out soon so who knows… It’s Adele there’s quite a good drop on the chorus! It may be similar to All Night but it’s not Matoma. Maybe someone from Europe


Any guesses on who The Vamps are going to be collaborating with next? Tweet us @CelebMix to share your ideas! Be sure to read our review of WE Day UK here.



Written by Nicola Craig

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