Theresa Rex releases a new funky pop tune titled “Touch”

Danish singer-songwriter Theresa Rex shared her brand new single titled “Touch,” an infectious, and creative funky single. “Touch” is a blend of pop genres, with unique indie and electro-dance influences. With its playful synths and bass-driven beat, it’s guaranteed to be a dance floor filler while Rex –as a songwriter –proves that a catchy pop tune can take on a vital theme and, in this case, a crucial,life changing moment for the young singer herself.

Theresa Rex explains story of her new single: “I was living in a commune at the time, and the house was full of love and friends, but when the doctors found a melon sized tumor in my lung, I had a complete system overload, I couldn’t breathe in every sense of the word. So, I grabbed my cats and ditched everyone else, including my long-term boyfriend. I completely self-isolated, convinced that I didn’t need anyone else in my life. Luckily, I came to my senses and I wrote “Touch” as a reminder, that in times like these, you need to stay in it, and what you need the most is the people who are truly there for you. I have fully recovered, and my, then, Ex stayed close and helped me through the whole thing, and I’m very happy to say that I can call him my boyfriend again.”

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Written by Magdalena

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