The Script previews new song as #TheScriptUnite trends

If we don’t all stand together, we will fall.

In a society ravaged by war and pain, by poverty and discrimination; becoming united is of the utmost importance. Now, more than ever, people all across the world will grasp at anything that dares to stand against what hurts and instead dares to bring us all together. Music has long been called the ‘universal language’ and with a snippet of their new song, The Script has proven that in a very eye opening and sobering way.

#TheScriptUnite is a trending topic on Twitter and has also been shared on Facebook.  It is bringing fans together and not just for the song. When you watch the video that accompanies the tune, you’re left completely breathless because it brings to the forefront what many try to look away from or bury in their day to day lives. It brings the tragedy and the hurt and the chaos to your computer screen, it hits home.

“How many times must I see you on the news ‘fore I know it’s for real, know it’s for real?”

The Script has been a band unafraid to share emotion in their songs, in their interviews, and in the way they carry themselves. What is happening now, however, goes well beyond what fans were expecting and it’s a pleasant surprise. We need people with a voice, with a platform, and with an audience to speak out against the divide and to challenge us to be the change. We can’t keep turning a blind eye, can’t keep watching the same stories on the news, can’t keep giving power to those who wish to do harm. If we want to live in a better world, we have to do better ourselves.

In addition to the powerful message, the song itself is beautiful; the music and the lyrics really grab your attention. There’s no doubt that, upon its full release, this will be a tune that climbs the charts and goes down in pop-culture history.

Prejudice breeds more prejudice and hate breeds more hate but acceptance breeds more acceptance and love breeds more love. If there’s a large takeaway from this video it’s that we have the power within us to say enough is enough, to be pushed to retreat but to stand still instead.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, their Twitter links you to the full minute and 30-second clip that is housed on their Facebook page. Tweet us and let us know what you think about the powerful message and the need for change.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.