These remixes of Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s ‘Just Hold On’ are Incredible

When Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki crossed paths, ‘Just Hold On’ was born and the song has been making waves since December of 2015. It’s been at the top of charts, played on morning shows and award show ceremonies, on playlists all around the world, and in studios of other musicians who have made their own remixes to the tune.

The message behind ‘Just Hold On’ is an inspiring one, for anyone who listens to it. The truth is, it’s one of those songs that can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on what the listener is experiencing in their own lives. This is also true for artists who hear the song and remix it as well. So far, two remixes of JHO have made some noise on social media, and they’re fantastic.

The DVBBS Remix

DVBBS are a Canadian Electronic Duo who took JHO and put their own personal spin on the tune. It’s still got an involved backbeat as you listen to it but it’s just slowed down enough that you hear an extra emphasis on Louis’ voice which sounds fantastic already. They mirror Steve’s sound as they add a pick up of their own and while, some may think electronica mixing with electronica would be overwhelming, this track is proof that it’s not.

The Attom Remix

This remix is a bit dreamy, and after listening to other work by Attom, it’s easy to see why. He’s a dreamer himself and the music he makes reflects that. There is something that pulls you out of reality a bit when you listen to this remix, you go somewhere more bright and brilliant. The song, an already hopeful tune, is made even more so by Attom. It sounds like what you expect to hear when you think of the word whimsical, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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Written by Ashley

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