Three Reasons Why 2016 is Twenty One Pilots’ Big Year

Twenty One Pilots is a special band.

That can truly be said not just for their fans, but simply for anyone who listens to them for the first time. There isn’t an artist or group quite like them, both in musical style and in media presence. TØP has already started 2016 with a bang, and here are three reasons why this year will continue to be “The Big Year” for Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

1. Twenty One Pilots is soaring through the charts.

Since the alternative duo’s latest single “Stressed Out” leaped from No. 13 last week to No. 9 this week in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it has continued to lead the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart for the second week in a row, and has continued to lead Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the ninth week in a row. One can justifiably speculate that Twenty One Pilots will continue to rise to higher chart spots in the coming weeks, or at least maintain these same chart positions.

“Stressed Out” has also risen to No. 8 on Spotify’s United States Top 50 and to No. 30 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 –– a guarantee that online music listeners are just as interested in the song as radio stations are.

It’s so early in the year and Twenty One Pilots has already been conquering the charts, so it’s bound to be a successful music year for the band.

2. The band will be headlining their biggest tour yet.

Last year, Twenty One Pilots went on their “Blurryface World Tour” and toured with their most recent album Blurryface for the first time. As the band continues to gain fans and momentum, TØP decided to go on yet another tour!

Tyler and Josh will soon be heading back on the road to start their “Emotional Roadshow” tour on May 31 in Cincinnati, OH. The tour will end with a big finish on August 10 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

3. TØP continues to be down-to-earth and grateful in their growing fame.

The worst thing for new fans and music listeners to hear is that the artist of their new favorite song is a selfish, uncharismatic brat. Fame, fortune, and notoriety getting to a celebrity’s head isn’t unheard of, but thankfully, Twenty One Pilots doesn’t seem to fall under this category.

This is the band that tells their fans that they love them, and as Tyler puts it, “If you think about what love means, it means putting their needs before your own.”

“We didn’t really know what that meant (to go to No.1),” says Josh in a Billboard article on December 23, 2015. “(Blurryface) turned into something that was really cool, that was a testament to the people who have decided to listen to this and make it their own thing.”

To show the band’s appreciation to their fans on New Year’s Eve, Tyler tweeted, “2thousand5teen the year i fell asleep and had one long dream. thank you |-/”.

Simple, yet sweet.

Whether or not you are a fan of Twenty One Pilots –– maybe you aren’t quite ready be a part of the “clique”, aka TØP’s fanbase, or maybe you just aren’t too fond of their music –– one thing is for certain: this dynamic duo has had an amazing start to 2016, and we are looking forward to everything TØP has to offer in this upcoming year.

Do you agree or disagree –– will 2016 really be Twenty One Pilots’ big year? Also, will you be going to one of the Emotional Roadshow concert dates? Tweet us your thoughts @CelebMix or leave us a comment below!

Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.