Through The Keyhole - Series 3

Through The Keyhole is back and we love it

This bank holiday weekend saw the return of Through The Keyhole to ITV, and the return of the show’s host, Keith Lemon.

The panel consisted of celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, Coronation Street‘s Sue Cleaver and comedian Johnny Vegas, who had to guess the owners of three celebrity houses based on the clues given in a set of VTs.

The first house belonged to writer, Germaine Greer, showing the viewers and the panel a grand, ivy-covered house and a large library room consisting of hundreds of books, in particular the books for women and feminism were emphasised as clues.

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The second house belonged to TOWIE star, James Argent. The set of VTs begun with showing us a brand new flat with many boxes, indicating the star had just moved in. The second VT then went on to show Keith Lemon collecting some of the star’s belongings from his previous residence as clues. Once James Argent was revealed, he appeared to have lost a lot of weight and showed everybody a much slimmer Arg. He seemed happy with his weight loss, though he commented in humour that he thought it made his ears ‘stick out more’.

The third and final house belonged to bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. The main clue given in the VT was when Keith Lemon pretended to get angry with the production crew and staged a hulk-style rage in the garden area.

Through The Keyhole continues next Saturday on ITV at 9:30.

Written by CelebMix