The Tide release their fourth single ‘Naked’

The Tide have dropped their much anticipated single ‘Naked’. After performing the song on tour, fans have been itching for its release and it has certainly not let them down!

Nate, Drew, Levi, and Austin revealed that the single would be coming out at midnight on the 8th of September and teased fans with hashtags and info about the song up until it’s release.

The Tide was launched as a band when The Vamps announced a secret project in December 2014. Drew and Nate were previously in a pop/rock band called ‘All The Above’ until they got the exciting offer to move on with their careers. The Tide now consists of four members, Austin Corini (Lead vocals), Drew Dirksen (Lead guitar and vocals), Levi Jones (bass guitar and vocals), and Nate Parker (Drummer).

The new single has a cheeky theme, its upbeat feel makes you want to get up and dance. Fans have said it can uplift your mood and make you happy.

Check out ‘Naked’ by The Tide on Spotify:

The Tide didn’t stop there though, they whipped their fans up by revealing that the music video would be coming out the same day. Fans were hyped up from the single, then came a further anxious but extremely exciting wait for the video to be released at 5pm that day. The fandom reacted with such pride and was told to tweet the boys with their favourite screenshots of the video.

You can watch the music video below:

The music video was filmed at a secret location in Manchester and they revealed to fans that they would have the opportunity to be in the video alongside their idols! Fans joined in their video as the audience to make it seem like it was a concert. A once in a lifetime opportunity for these loyal fans.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

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